Are Classic 3 Reel Slots on the way out?

Billion-Dollar-Gran-Slot-MainThere was a time, in the not too distance past, when you would find the only slot games you could play online were the classical 3 reel slots, however as the years have ticked by we have seen many players sidelining these types of slot games and instead they are choosing to play the multi line, 5 reel video slots on which all manner of different bonus games can be triggered and awarded.

In fact we had to think long and hard about when any of the major online casino game software providers actually launched a brand new 3 reel slot, and if memory serves us right it was way back in May of 2009 that Microgaming last launched a three reel slot.

This was their three reel, five payline Spell Bound slot, so it would seem like players are not really playing these kinds of slots in any great numbers for if they were Microgaming would be churning out new 3 reel slot machines as fast as they are releasing their new video slot games.

However thanks to the brand new mobile gaming environment we are seeing a revival of classical 3 reel slots and we shall delve into this new and exciting gaming environment in a little more detail below to see why these kinds of slots are once again proving very popular with players.

Mobile 3 Reel Slots Proving Very Popular with Players

If you watched the film Field of Dreams you may remember the famous one liner “if you build it, they will come”, this saying could be equated to the mobile gaming environment, for ever since it become a reality in and around 2005 more and more players are switching their online casino game playing action over to the mobile gaming world.

Making a back catalogue of casino games full compatible with the mobile gaming platforms is not an easy task, however it has been found that 3 reel slots make the transition over to the mobile gaming environment with the least effort from the technical boffins and as such we have seen a large number of older 3 reel slots making their way into many mobile casino sites.

This has had the effect of making these often overlooked slots suddenly popular once again for with only a restricted number of slot games available on all mobile gaming platforms, those slots that are available will get a lot of play.

So as regards to whether 3 reel slots are on the way out we can safely say they will not be disappearing any time soon, more so on the mobile gaming platforms offered by the leading software provides such as Playtech and Microgaming.

You will find new 3 reel slots at mobile casino sites offered from some of the new game providers, so with some hunting around if you do prefer playing these more basic types of slots then you will be able to find a large collection of them if you look around and hunt them down.

3 Reel Slot Bonus Games are Unappealing

One aspect of the design of all 3 reel slots that has affected their lack of popularity is the bonus games which a tiny number of these kinds of slots have on offer. You will find the bonus games you can be awarded will be either a wheel spinning type round or a simple pick to win type of bonus game which after you have triggered them a couple of times tend to get tiresome.

There is no way 3 reel slots can keep pace with the huge number of different types and kinds of bonus game and base game features that today’s modern video slots have on offer and this is probably why online casinos have seen fewer and fewer players getting stuck into playing their range of three reel slots.

However there is always going to be a number of slot players who enjoy playing basic slot games online and as such we do not expect any of the major casino software and game providers to start to pull their three reel slots from their game menus, any time soon.

Higher Than Average Payout Percentages

The most savvy online slot game players will know that a lot of the older 3 reel slots do boast some very high payout percentages, and these are often the slots these players will head straight to and play whenever they have a bonus in their accounts, for the higher than average payout percentages gives them an increased chance of reaching and often exceeding the play through requirements of such bonuses.

If this is news to you then allow us to showcase to you a few of Microgaming’s three reel slots that have very high payout percentages on offer, and as such if you do fancy giving these types of slot machines a whirl they should be the ones you give as much play time to as you can, for they give you the best chances of winning due to their high payout percentages.

The best paying three reel slot we have come across in Microgaming’s online game portfolio is the Couch Potato slot, admittedly this is a very high variance slot so anything could happen when you are playing it, however, thanks to a huge 97.43% payout percentage you really should get stuck into playing it for no other slot game comes close to that high figure.

Another of Microgaming’s 3 reel slots which has a higher than average payout percentage is their Cosmic Cat slot game, the RTP on this particular slot has been certified as being 96.52% so it is another one to put on your short list of 3 reel slots to play.

One final slot worth playing if you do fancy your chances on a three reel slot is Microgaming’s Spectacular Wheel of Wealth slot, this game comes with a bonus game and you need to play three coins to have any chance of triggering it, but it is worth playing thanks to its higher than average 96.32% payout percentage.

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