Are Social Media Slot Games Worth Playing?

fb-logoWe have started to see quite a number of slot machines being launched as social media games, and as such you can enjoy playing a range of different slots completely free of charge on sites such as Facebook.

However, whilst the games are all set as free to play games and you cannot win any real cash prizes this concept often leaves a lot of regular online casino real money slots players asking are there any advantages to be had in regards to playing any kind of social media slot machine.

Well, having taken a look at the current range of slots available on various social media platforms it is true to say that you will find plenty of different games on offer, but one quite disturbing aspect of playing them it that once you have used up your initial set of free play credits you can then choose to wait several hours to get them replenished, or can purchase credits to continue playing those slot machines.

With there being no financial rewards at all when playing these slots it is hard to see why anyone would then go on to actually purchase additional credits once they have played off their initially credited free play credits, but as surprising as it may seem a lot of people do actually do this.

Should you be a fan of playing social media games and have found yourself, through boredom or simply due to the fact that you like playing slot games, purchasing additional free play credits, then keep on reading for below we are going to show you the benefits of ditching those free play social media slots and becoming a player at any of our listed online casino sites.

Moving from Social Media Slots to Online Casino Slot Game Playing

We are more than confident that once you find out the benefits of playing slot games at an online casino site as opposed to playing social media slot games you will wonder why you ever played the latter named games.

Below is an overview of the many unique benefits that will be on offer to you when playing slot games as found in any of our listed and fully reviewed online casino sites.

Play for Free

As a player at an online casino site you will have just as many free to play slot games as found on social media sites, in fact you are probably going to find hundreds of additional free to play games offered at online casino sites as you would when playing social media based slots.

The main benefit though is that when playing at an online casino you will not have to pay for free play casino credit top ups like you do when you have run out of credits playing the social media slot games.

Slot Tournaments

If you do enjoy playing slots for free then by becoming a new player at several of our featured casinos you are going to be able to play a range of daily slot tournaments that cost nothing to enter, however you could, if you end the tournament high up on the leader board, win some real cash, something that is never offered at a social media slot site.

Real Money Options

Instead of purchasing casino game playing credits which you can never win anything with as is the case when playing social media games, when you play at online casino sites you will be able to play for real money and set the games to play for low or high stake levels, so no matter how many casino credits you purchase you will have plenty of casino games at your disposal, and as you are playing those games in a real money mode any winnings will of course be yours to keep.

Player Bonuses

Instead of simply making a deposit into a social media slot game site in exchange for free play credits, why not sign up to an online casino site as by making your first initial deposit you are going to get an added bonus which you will be able to use to extend your very first slot playing session.

The bonuses on offer rarely end when you have claimed your sign up bonus, so by playing online slot games online and becoming a regular player at one of more casino sites you will find you get offered lots of ongoing bankroll boosting bonus offers and promotions.

Comps and Rewards

By playing for real money you will be picking up all manner of little extras which are given away in the form of casino comp and reward points, the more you play in a real money mode the more comp points you will earn.

As you get awarded various numbers of comp points then you will be able to redeem and swap them for additional playing credits, and as a member of any online casinos comp club you will also benefit from additional ongoing bonus offers to extend you gaming sessions and to give you more winning opportunities.

Certified Fair Slots

In case you are wondering should you decide to play any online slot games at any of our featured online casinos you can rest assured those slot games are completely fair and random. As part of the licensing procedure all online casino games are tested both in house and independently to ensure they work exactly as they have been designed to do, and therefore all online casino games can be played with complete confidence in regards to their fair play and randomness.

Mobile Device Slot Games

If you are accessing free to play social media slot games on a mobile device, and are considering playing at an online casino site instead, then we are happy to let you know that many mobile casino sites have recently gone live, which means you are going to be able to play their slot game offerings on a tablet device or any type of mobile phone, just like you can when playing social media slot games.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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