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astropayThere are a huge number of different ways that you are going to be able to fund an online casino account, and as part of our ongoing guide to online casino banking options in this article we are going to take a look at AstroPay, which is another 100% safe and secure way for players to send money instantly, and in real time to quite a number of different online casino sites.

AstroPay is a quick and easy way for you to purchase an online, virtual pre paid gift type card, you can purchase one for almost any value and once generated you then simply need to log into your online casino account, select the AstroPay option and then simply enter the unique AstroPay Card number and the amount you wish to deposit and those funds will then be debited from your card.

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How Does AstroPay Work?

To start using the Astro Pay service you simply need to visit their website and sign up as a new user, you will then be able to log into your account using your username and password and then simply need to select the value of the card that you wish to purchase.

You will be given several different payment options which you can opt to use to pay for the AstroPay card and as such you can pay directly from your bank account or one method a lot of people use is to print off a payment coupon and then you need to visit a local store or bank to pay for your card over the counter at that venue in cash, just give the cashier your coupon hand over the cash and your AstroPay card will become live.

As this is a virtual card and not a physical one you are able to start using it straight away once you have loaded cash onto the card. It is worth noting that once loaded you can use the card to fund any casino account with any amount loaded onto that card and as such do not have to use the value of the card in one go.

So for example if you load 100.00 onto an AstroPay card you can use that card ten times to deposit 10.00 at different casinos if you so wish. Once you have used up the credits on your virtual AstroPay Card then that card will expire as it is not possible to reload it, but you can of course purchase another one should you wish to use the service again at any time.

You will have a full 12 months in which to use any AstroPay card, be aware that casinos cannot credit winnings to an AstroPay Card and as such if you have used it as a deposit option then you will be given several different ways of being able to withdraw any winnings that you have accumulated.

Read more about this payment options at the official AstroPay Card site.

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