Atlantic City Blackjack for Real Money

atlantic-city-blackjackSadly a large number of casinos located in Atlantic City have had to close down for good due to the current financial climate, and this downturn in business has meant that any Blackjack players who are fond of playing Blackjack in that once mega gambling city now have much fewer tables on offer.

However, if you are able to access and play the many very well run and operated online Microgaming Casinos then you will find that there are a huge number of different Blackjack Game Variants on offer at those casino sites and one of these games is an Atlantic City variant. So you will find you can play the game you enjoy but without ever having to leave you own home to play it.

Multi Hand versus Single Hand Variant

You will be able to play a single hand variant of Atlantic City Blackjack when logged into a Microgaming powered site or a multi hand variant of this game. It should also be noted that Microgaming have both their original single hand and multi hand variants of these games still on offer and a newly enhanced Gold Series set of games.

The Gold Series Atlantic City Blackjack games come with much clearer and enhanced graphics and with easier to use game control buttons if you want to play the best versions of these games then we would advise you to opt for those Gold Series games as opposed to their older original versions which sadly do look rather tired and old fashioned.

Dealer and Player Rules

There are some slightly different player and dealer game play rules attached to Microgaming’s Atlantic City Blackjack game variants and as such please do read through this section as you may find these rules are appealing to you as a player.

You are able to pick any stake amount you wish to play per hand when playing Atlantic City Blackjack at Microgaming powered sites as long as the stakes you choose are between 1.00 and 200.00 in value! This variant of online blackjack is always played as a hole card game which means in addition to one face up card the dealer will always deal himself a face down card alongside it, and this is a peek game on which the dealer will check to see if he has a Blackjack hand when he has a ten or Ace card showing.

This game has a full eight decks of playing cards in the shoe which are always shuffled once a game has been played off. Any hand dealt out to the dealer which is worth at least 17 or higher in value will see him forced to stand that hand, irrespective of whether it is a soft or hard 17 valued hand.

You will be impressed by just how liberal the player betting and playing rules are on Microgaming’s Atlantic City Blackjack game, for a start players can double down on any two initial cards dealt out to them and they can even double down having split two cards.

The cards a player is always permitted to split include any matching valued cards which does of course include unalike 10 valued cards. A hand can also be split a total of three times so when playing the single hand variant a total of four new hands can be formed when splitting pairs of cards several times.

This Atlantic City Blackjack game variant offered at Microgaming powered sites also lets players surrender their hand, this option is a late surrender option and is one that at various times in your playing session you will be best advised to play if you want to play this game optimally, and we will take a look at when you should surrender your hand in the following section of this playing guide.

Payouts and Playing Tips

Let us now finally take a look at what you stand to win when playing Microgaming’s Atlantic City Blackjack game online, the first thing worth noting about this game is then when you have adopted and put into play the optimal playing strategy, which by the way is exactly what you should be doing when playing it online, you will be played a variant of Blackjack that offers a very reasonable house edge of some 0.36%.

There are eight decks in play on both the single hand and multi hand variant of this game offered at Microgaming powered sites, and when you have been dealt out a winning Blackjack hand then the winning payout will be paid at odds of 3 to 2.

If you have split a pair of tens or Aces and form a Blackjack hand with those cards then that hand is not classed as a Blackjack it is instead classed as a standard winning hand and you are paid out at odds of even money, which all other non Blackjack hands are paid out at. A winning Insurance bet is paid out at 2 to 1 but that is a mug bet due to the high house edge attached to it.

As this game allows and permits playing to take a late surrender option let us now pass on a few tips as to when you should take that option which will allow you to play this game optimally.

There are quite surprisingly only four hands that you should surrender when playing the Atlantic City Blackjack game variant offered by Microgaming powered casino sites, and three of these are hard 16 valued hands. If when playing this game you are dealt out a hard 16 valued hand and the dealer is showing via his up facing card a 9, 10 or Ace then take the later surrender option.

The only other hand that correct playing strategy will call for you to take the late surrender option on is the hard 15 hand and that late surrender option should only ever be taken when you have such a hand and the dealer is showing a 10 valued card.

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