Las Vegas Attractions

When I recently visited Las Vegas for a full 18 days I did have to do some planning, for Vegas is a huge city and there is always something going on, other than just gambling.

It was with that in mind I choose to pre-plan a loose schedule of attractions I would like to visit, and below is an overview of each of those attractions I did manage to visit.

I have put together some reviews of each of them and as such invite you to follow the links below to read my own views and opinions on each of them.

The High Roller – If you want to get a sky high view of Vegas then the High Roller may be an interesting attraction to visit. This is a huge Ferris wheel type device which takes you up into the sky in an obvious curricular way and is quite reasonably priced too.

Strip Gun Club – Whilst shooting a large range of different guns in a safe environment may not be something that appeals to everyone, the Strip Gun Club was one of those places I wanted to visit to experience doing just that.

Fountains at the Bellagio – It was as if God if not Lady Luck was on my side when I visited the fountains at the Bellagio, for an hour after I left a woman drove a car into the crowd causing multiple serious injuries and one confirmed death.

Voodoo Zip Line – Being strapped into a two seater chair attached to a zip line then being sent on a journey from one of the Rio’s two towers to the other may not seem like something you would want to do, however for a very novel experience we can highly recommend doing so.

Sky Jump – I could see the Stratosphere Tower from my hotel room as that was the hotel and casino I stayed at. At regular intervals one of the visitors to the tower would be launched from the top of it and would fall to the ground, safely attached to a wire of course.

Gondola Ride – Whilst you would usually associate going on a gondola ride with being in Venice, that is something you can also do when you visiting the indoor canals over at the Venetian Casino. This is actually much more fun that you may have thought and comes highly recommended.

Eiffel Tower Experience – If you are nearby to the Paris Casino and you fancy getting a bird’s eye view of the area then make sure you give the Eiffel Tower Experience a try. For by doing so you will be able to travel up the tower to the viewing deck and take in the sights of the city.

Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay –You may not expect to see sharks in Las Vegas except of course card sharks, however if you pay a visit to the Mandalay Bay Casino you will be able to visit their impressive and very well kept Shark Reef which is something I managed to fit into my schedule.

Freemont Street Experience – The amazing light show that is the world famous Freemont Street Experience is one of the free attractions that you are going to be able to visit when in Vegas and that is something I can highly recommend as you really are going to be amazed by this amazing spectacle.

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