Avalon II Slot Machine – The Story Continues

avalon-2-slot-logoOne of the most popular bonus video slot games ever released by Microgaming was their Avalon slot, it has proved to be so popular that Microgaming have made it available as a base game slot on their slot tournaments, a mobile slot and also as a multi player slot, and now they have announced that in the early part of 2014 they will be bringing out a new, second slot in the Avalon series, this being the Avalon II the Quest for the Grail slot game.

This Avalon II slot game has really had no expense spared on the design of it and it breaks away from the standard optional payline structure and instead uses the Microgaming All Ways playing structure one which you are able to put into play an amazing 243 ways to win per spin.

There is a cost however for playing all of those 243 ways to win and as such an obligatory minimum stake of 30 coins needs to be put into play, however as the coins values are adjustable a minimum bet spin on the lowest coin values will on set you back 30 coins, which on 0.01 coin settings is a very manageable 0.30 per spin.

As many slot players like to increase and decrease the stakes when playing online slots for money when they are winning or experiencing a losing set of spins, then you can increase the coins in increments of 30 coins at a time up to a maximum of 150 coins and the coin values can also be increased if you fancy a few spins at higher stake levels.

Avalon II Base Game Features

You are going to come across many new base game bonus features and even more bonus game features when playing this Avalon II slot game and we will now guide you through each of these new additional playing features one by one.

Expanding Wild Symbol – On the original Avalon slot game the Lady of the Lake symbol was a Scatter symbol, however on this new Avalon II slot game this symbol has now been given a new purpose, and that is as an Expanding Wild symbol, as soon as this symbol appears in any reel position it is going to expand and make all reel positions on the reel it spun in on Wild symbols.

Random Multiplier – Should you spin in a winning combination when playing the base game a hooded male character may suddenly appear on the slot screen and take out his glowing sword and give your winning credit meter a whack and once he has done this a random multiplier will be displayed on the slot screen which will boost the value of that winning payout instantly.

Animation Reel Symbols – Should you spin in a winning combination of any of the character reel symbols then those symbols are going to spring to life and increase the excitement of being that winning combination! Do try and play in the full screen size setting available on the device you are playing this Avalon II slot game for added playing enjoyment.

Sampled Sound Effects – As the game in playing a quite dramatic backing track is going to play out and any winning combination formed or bonus feature triggered will also be marked with the playing of a fully sampled sound effect.

Avalon II Slot Bonus Game Features

The bonus games which can be triggered as you are playing the base game of this Avalon II slot game are what makes it one of the most exciting and entertaining slots that is going to be released in 2014, for there are a total of eight of them which you can be awarded, and here is an overview of each of them, be aware a set of Goblet Scatter symbols need to be spun in to trigger the bonus game rounds.

Morgan’s Keep – If the Morgan’s Keep bonus round is awarded then you will instantly be playing out 20 free spins and in addition to those free spins the game will be playing in a Rolling Reels format which means winning combinations once formed on any single free spin played will explode and new symbols will replace those exploding symbols, and as such additional winning combinations can and will be formed, and when they do an increasing multiplier comes into play.

Hall of Shadows – During this bonus game you will go to battle with the Black Knight with you being able to pick from three possible fighting moves in the hope that the one you select will award you with a higher paying cash award based on the damage it inflicts on the Dark Knight.

Forrest Falls – When the Forrest Falls bonus round has been awarded to you then a total of 20 free spins will be all yours and these free spins have additional Trailing Wild symbols in play to hopefully increase your overall winning payouts, but only if plenty of wild symbols spin in and cover multiple reel positions.

Lake of Legend – This a bonus game on which you will be rolling an onscreen dice in the hope you can spin in some higher numbers on that dice to achieve some better winning payouts, this game is quite unique as you will also be assembling segments of a Sword in the hope you can re-forge it and give it back its original mystic powers.

Mystery Vale – The Misty Vale bonus game feature when triggered will force you to pick one of the five character symbols and the symbol you choose will become the wild symbol in play for the duration of the 15 free spins awarded on this bonus game feature.

Dusky Morse – When the Dusky Morse bonus game feature is awarded to you then a set of 12 cards are displayed on the screen, you must pick off one card at a time to reveal a Helm, once a winning set of matching Helms has been picked you will be awarded the cash payout associated with those Helms as per the bonus game pay table which for reference is displayed at the foot of the screen.

Isle of Avalon – The Isle of Avalon bonus game is possibly one of the most rewarding bonus games you can trigger on the Avalon II slot game for once triggered you will set into live play the Wheel of Avalon which is a wheel on which there are four inner wheels and each inner wheel will then spin in a digit between zero and nine, which collectively are used to award you with a bonus base game staked amount multiplier, which can be a huge valued one.

Whispering Woods – This bonus game is a simple picking game on which you have to pick one of five on screen Shields and once picked a cash award is presented to you, however you can opt to keep that bonus payout or reject it and try and pick another Shield which you will be hoping has a much bigger cash award attached to it.

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