Avoid Making Video Poker Game Playing Errors

With video poker games often being right at the top of many players lists of games to play there is of course a reason why they are sought after games, and that is the payout percentages attached to most video poker game being very high, way higher than slot machines for example.

However, being semi skill based games when playing a video poker game you are going to always run the risk of making some game playing errors when you chose to play them, and you need to be aware of those errors and ensure you never make then for you to benefit from those every high payout percentages.

So please have a read through the following video poker playing guide for we will be letting you know what are the most common game player errors players tend to make when playing these games and we will also enlighten you on ways you can put into place that will ensure you never make those game player errors that can often decimate your bankroll.

Staking Options – Let us start with the staking options, there are benefits to be had of playing the maximum number of coins per hand dealt out to you, and one of the most beneficial aspects of playing maximum bet hands is that most video poker games have an enhanced jackpot payout which you can only get paid out when playing five coin hands.

Never play with fewer than the maximum number of coins per hand on those particular video poker game variants, and be aware that you are often able to adjust the coin values so playing maximum coin hands for stake levels you can sustain for a reasonable amount of time.

Also when playing progressive jackpot awarding video poker games on game playing error that you need to avoid is not putting into play the required stake levels to have the chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

You will find that several progressive video poker games have a fixed coin staking structure and as such you will need to find a variant which a low fixed coin staking option when you are playing with a modest budget or those types of games can be quite expensive to play for any amount of time! Plus make sure you play maximum coins or you will never be able to win the progressive jackpot.

Gamble Game – The expected payout percentage of any video poker game you choose to play is going o be based on the pay table attached to that game, however many variants are going to offer you an optional gamble game whenever you have been lucky enough to have formed a winning hand combination.

Taking the gamble game option is going to have a negative effect on the expected long term payout percentage on any video poker game much more so if you have repeated losing outcomes when playing off that gamble game.

With that in mind for you to avoid reducing the expected RTP of the video poker game variant you have chosen to play you should never take the gamble game option, and instead fully concentrate all of your game playing efforts solely on the base game.

Auto Hold – There are going to be millions of possible hand combinations that you can form when playing video poker, and if you enjoy playing lots of different variant then remembering which are the best cards to hold and which ones you should discard when your initial hand combination has been dealt out to you will be something of an impossible task.

As such you should always ensure that any video poker game variant you have chosen to play or are thinking of playing has something known as an auto hold option available on it, for by turning that auto hold option on then when you have been dealt out your first five cards you will not have to think about which cards to hold and which you should discard.

Auto Play – Rattling through as many hands of video poker is something most players will be aiming to do, for the more hands you play off the more chance you will have of getting the Royal Flush hand or the top paying hand combination on the variant you are playing being dealt out to you.

You should therefore try and utilize the auto play setting that many video poker games have attached to them for by doing so you will be able to set the game to play itself for you for as many hands as you wish to play off on your chosen stake.

Also by utilizing the auto play setting you are not going to be making nay playing errors as the game is going to be playing in the most optimum playing strategy possible for that variant.

Bonuses and Comps – One topic that does need some investigating and explaining is the subject of casino bonuses and comps, for with there being a never ending stream of bonuses offered to real money online casino players you are often going to be tempted to make use of them.

Bonuses are a way of a casino to get you to make a deposit into their respective site, and whilst the value of the bonuses may seem large and high valued the terms of the bonuses when you are permitted to use them on high paying video poker games are often not very player friendly.

With that in mind only make use of and claim a casino bonus offer if you are allowed to ply video poker games with that onus and also only claim one or more than one of the play through requirements are low.

You will always be earning comp points when playing video poker game with your own money, and over time they can help you lock in additional playing value so always take a look at what each casino site has to offer you via their respective comp club before you start to play and hunt out the most generous ones to sign up to.

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