Bally Technologies Announce Duck Dynasty Slot Machine

Well it doesn’t get much better than this. We thought that the Duck Dynasty squad could sink no lower by selling out, but they have. We’re talking Kardashian hypocrisy with this one. Not only is the world’s biggest bible bashing family back for another series of homophobic, anti woman, incessant praying drivel.

They’ve actually broken one of their own fundamental rules with this one, by selling out to a gaming company. Though, I’m not too bothered, for that company is Bally Technologies, one of the leading and driving forces on the gaming market.

The game is, however much you like (or dislike) the Duck Dynasty theme, pretty damn good. The game is quite similar to the Titanic slot, which is also from Bally, for the game has multiple features, these include free spins, picking games, wheel spinning games and much, much more in the shape of randomly awarded features.

You’ll of course find adjustable stakes, lines and coin values, so you can play this slot how you like, be that as a high rolling boom or bust type player, or a modest, low rolling player. You’ll also find that the game boasts some of the biggest payouts available on the casino floor, with jackpots that can be truly life changing. You’ll be able to have a very good session regardless of how you play.

The bonus rounds when triggered are hugely interactive, and require your participation, which, basically means, you can’t leave the game to play on its own. Whether you’re swiping the screen, tapping the screen or spinning a wheel, should you trigger a bonus, the game won’t play out any bonuses until you’ve acknowledged it (which in our opinion is probably the best way, as there’s nothing worse than missing the excitement of a bonus feature).

Now going back to the games theme, the concept of the show can be to some people quite distasteful and in some cases quite offensive, especially as the family are essentially famous for being gun nut hillbillies, who simply shoot ducks (a rather barbaric ‘sport’).

Though, that said, as this is a Bally slot, you’ll be guaranteed, a fun, and action packed gaming session, and is you’re a fan of the Alpha 2 Pro series cabinet games, you’ll be pleased to know that the software is encased within them. If you’re not too up on the tech lingo, this is basically the ‘computer’ so to speak, that the software is running on.

The Alpha 2 Pro is a really interesting cabinet, for it offers 2 huge screens, and this means that you’ll never have to worry about missing a thing. You’ll find your gaming action crystal clear, and the audio is driven by a set of 5:1 speaker, giving you crystal clear audio, making it pretty hard not to become engrossed.

Also, as a footnote, when you decide to cash out any winnings, you aren’t going to be subjected to the cringe worthy prayers the Robertson’s do at the end of every episode.

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