Basic Free Spins Bonus Game Slots

thunderstruck-2-slotAs we were compiling our Complete Guide to Free Spins Bonus Games it did dawn on us that there will be a great number of slot players out there who loving nothing more than playing some of the older, more classical types of video slots.

With this in mind we have trawled through our archive of slot game reviews and would like to present to you a range of some of the very earliest bonus video slots, which you can still find readily available at online casinos using many different gaming platforms, and each of these games can and will award you with a set of free spins when three or more of the scatter symbols spin into view.

With many slot games offering a plethora of more advanced ways that a set of free spins can play out, should you be the type of player who wants to keep things nice and simple, and always know that when the required number of scatter symbols spin in you will be given a set number of free spins on a static multiplier value then those slots listed below are going to appeal to you.

In fact it can often pay dividends for you to play the older video slots as it is often the case that those games boast much higher payout percentages than some of the newer slot games, and the high paying slots are of course the ones you should always be looking to play online.

Oldest Online Free Spins Awarding Video Slots

Let us give you a quick overview now of some of the longer established online slot games, all of which offer a standard and basic type of free spins bonus feature round. Never be put off playing these slots as they can and often do award some large winning payouts when you play them.

As the free spins awarded on each of the following slots games are triggered by scatter symbols that does of course mean there is no requirements to play all of the available pay lines, and simply spinning in scatter symbols anywhere will award the free spins round as long as at the very minimum three of them are in view.

Spring Break Slot – You need to pay attention when playing the Spring Break slot game online for its Wild symbols look very much like the Scatter symbols! However, getting three or more of the Scatter symbols spinning in rewards you with a set of fifteen free spins.

The free spins do come with x3 multiplier values so any winning combinations formed with be tripled, however as the Wild symbols doubles the value of any winning combination you will be hoping any combinations formed during the free spins game are also formed with the Wild symbols.

Elementals Slot – One slot game you should warm to and enjoy playing more so when you trigger the free spins round is the Elementals slot. This is an unusual slot due to the way the free spins get triggered, for you need a scatter symbol anywhere on both the first and last reels to be awarded with 20 free spins which have x2 multipliers attached to them. However, this particular slot is quite famed for re-triggering its free spins, so keep that in mind when choosing a slot to play.

Tally Ho Slot – The Tally Ho slot boasts something of a high variance type of free spins round, for when you get three or more of the Horn symbols spinning into view your free spins will be subject to a multiplier worth x4. You are awarded with an initial set of ten free spins and they can and do re-trigger as you are playing them off from time to time.

Ladies Nite Slot – The Ladies Nite is more or less identical to the Spring Break slot above except both its reel symbols and its theme are different! The pay table is the same and the free spins are also triggered and awarded in much the same way, so when playing this slot three or more scatter symbols will result in you being awarded with ten free spins on multipliers worth x3, or double that if any winning combination is formed with a Wild symbol.

Thunderstruck Slot – You will win a total of 15 initial free spins as soon as three or more Ram symbols drop into view when you are playing any number of payline son the Thunderstruck Slot game, all winning combinations formed during the bonus game are tripled in value or will be worth x3 their usual payout amounts if a Wild symbols helps for the free spins spun in winning combination.

Top Tips for Playing Free Spins Slot Games Online

As the entire range of above named slot games which offer their own unique type of free spins bonus feature round have been around for many years now, we have been able to put together a set of interesting facts and figures surrounding them.

Now only are the RTP’s on each of the slots high and attractive to slot players but we have been able to dissect the reels strips and can present to you a very interesting article discussing and revealing just How Often Do Slots Award the Free Spins Bonus Feature.

As soon as you start playing the above slots with a set of figures in front of you that will reveal just how many base game spins you have to make, on average, before the free spins features are triggered, then one way of playing these types of slots is to increase the stakes you are playing for once you exceed the average number of base game spin usually required to trigger the free spins.

Whilst not in any way a fool proof method of guaranteeing larger than average payouts during the bonus games, you will find that many times by playing in such a way the payouts awarded during the free spins can be quite large, and as such this may be a slot playing system you may wish to adopt.

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