Benefits of Pooling Your Casino Comps

casino-compsMany online casino players will not really be looking at a casino comp club or loyalty scheme when they are hunting around for a new casino site at which to play at, for usually higher up those players lists of wants and requirements are things such as high valued bonus offers and a wide range of casino games, which they can access and play on the device they are wishing to play casino games on whether it is a laptop or mobile device.

However, it is always worth including onto your checklist of requirements when you are planning on trying out a new online casino just what you are going to be offered by way of casino comps, for much like the welcome bonuses and ongoing bonuses differ from online casino to online casino you will often find the casino comp clubs can and do vary and offer something completely different depending on which site you are playing at.

Whilst many casinos are just stand alone sites you are going to come across many online casinos that form a group of online casinos and as such they are all owned and operated by one company, and when playing at such sites it is often the case that the comp club offered at each casino in that group will be linked together, and as such it is possible to pool all of your comps earned and amassed played at all casinos in that group into one account.

The most obvious benefit of being able to pool your casino comps all into one comp club account is that you are going to earn comp`s much quicker when you are the type of player who enjoys moving around from casino to casino and as such will also find yourself moving up the different VIP levels that most online casino comp clubs have in place at a much quicker rate than you would playing unlinked online casino sites.

How Do Comp and Loyalty Clubs Work?

A casinos comp club, and this goes for both online and land based casino sites, are designed to reward your loyalty for playing at one particular casino, and they will allocate you with a predetermined number of comp points for every wager you place on any of their real money casino games.

It should be noted that each category of casino game available will have its own set of comp points attached to it, so when you are playing very low house edge games such as Video Poker or Blackjack you will find you have to wager more to earn comp points than you would when playing high house edge games such as slot machines and keno games for example.

The amount you wager in total is what is used to determined your awarded comp points, and the most standard type of online casino comp club will award you with one comp point for every 10.00 wagered, as most casinos are multi currency sites that 10.00 can of course be in Dollars, UK Pounds or Euros to name just a few different currencies that casinos will let you set your casino account to use.

As soon as you amass 1000 comp points then when utilizing an online casino that has an industry standard type of comp club then you will be able to turn those points into 10.00 worth of casino credits, be aware some casinos will award your comp points as cash and some award them as bonus cash and when a comp is added as cash you are free to withdraw it without any play through requirements as is the case when a comp is added to your account as a bonus.

Multi Level Comp Clubs

Not all online casino sites use the industry standard type of comp club however, and as such you should spend some time hunting around at several different casino sites for when you do you are going to find many casino sites that offer their only uniquely designed comp clubs and many of these sites will offer a multi level type of comp club.

When you are a member of a multi level comp club then your custom and real money gaming action is going to be rewarded the more you play at that particular site, and as you accumulate more and more comp points you will move up the different levels of the casinos comp club and as you do you will find the amount of comps awarded is higher than when you are in the lower level of the comp club and also the redemption rates for turning your comps into cash is much more beneficial the higher you rise.

You will also find that on your Birthday or at Christmas time a casino comp club may offer you a no deposit bonus which is given as a thank you for your loyalty, and at various times of the year you are also going to be offered deposit match and reload bonuses at the more generous casinos.

Do be aware that you are going to be given comp points on every single wager you place when playing for real money, and it does not matter if that wager is a winning wager or a losing one, the fact that you have placed a wager is how you accumulate comp points, and this does of course mean that if you have a long gambling session at any online casino thanks to a winning streak then you will find at the end of that session you will have accumulated quite a number of comp points and may be able to extend your session even longer by turning your comps into casino credits.

If you have played at one or more casino sites online and never seem to earn much by way of comp points and free chips then do take a look at the websites of our listed casinos, for we can guarantee you are going to be impressed by the generous comp clubs each of them have available.

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