Benefits of Playing Video Poker Online

If you have just come across and discovered the many different variants of video poker that you are able to access when playing at any online casino site and need some convincing in regards to actually giving these types of casino games a try, them have a read through this guide to the many different benefits of playing video poker games online, for it will certainly enable you to make an informed decision on whether they are indeed worth playing.

Best Paying Games Available

It may come as something of a surprise when you realise that the video poker games, of which there are many of available in every single online casino site, boast the very highest payout percentages, in fact the highest paying ones we have come across return to players over the long term a payout percentage of 99.92% and you are not going to find any slot game, card or table game that comes anywhere near that figure in regards to payout percentages.

So the first major benefit of switching over to playing online video poker games will be that you will be getting much longer playing sessions and lots of sessions that can end up with you in profit. To show you just how high paying video poker games really are we would suggest once reading this article you take a look at our Highest Paying Online Video Poker Variants guide which will open your eyes in regards to just how high the payouts can be on all online video poker games.

Allow You to Earn More Comps per Gaming Session

As the return to player payout percentages are higher on video poker games than any other online casino game then it does go without saying that when playing them you will be accumulating much more casino comp points per session you play as opposed to play slot games or most card and table casino games.

As you will be playing many more games per session you will be amazed at just how quickly those comp points will amass, and if you have had a particularly long and hopefully profitable video poker playing session then also do checkout just how many comp points you have earned during that session, for there may just be a large amount of free chips waiting to be redeemed via those accumulated comp points.

Variants for all Players

Once you have mastered the way video poker works and operates, and if you are new to the game of video poker then make sure you take a look at our Beginners Guide to Playing Video Poker Online, you will have hours of fun and winning opportunities selecting one of the many different variants on offer.

Much like when you play online slot machines you are going to come across both low variance and high variance video poker games, plus as there are now many different new ways of playing video poker games if you fancy Playing Progressive Video Poker Games then you will find several of these types of game on offer, so a life changing jackpot win could be just around the corner.

There are also lots of unique playing features and game playing rules on offer on all of the different types of video poker games you will come across online, and as such for a slightly more exciting type of video poker playing session and one that will offer you the maximum number of winning opportunities do consider giving some of the Video Poker Variations with Wild Cards, for when the Wild cards get dealt out you will often find plenty of additional winning hand rankings and payouts coming your way.

New Variants on Offer

Should you be an experience video poker player then you will of course know and understand that there are many different variants on offer, and will probably have your own personal favourites, however if you have not played video poker online before then you are going to come across some variants of the game that you will never have found offered in land based casino before which are exclusively available only to online players.

Take Microgaming, they offer a huge suite of video poker games which can be accessed when you are playing at an online casino utilizing their downloadable gaming platform, when logged into such a site you are going to come across a suite of Level Up Video Poker games, the like of which you will never have seen before.

What makes these very unique range of Level Up Poker games so very unique and exciting to play is that they are multi stage games, and as such once you play the first stage of the game and end up with a winning hand, you then can move up to the second stage of the game where any hand combination formed is worth double the usual pay table listed payouts.

With four stages which can be completed per game played, should you get dealt four winning hands on the trot then the final stage is going to see a multiplier worth x8 coming into play, and that does of course mean a winning hand combination is going to be worth eight times its normal payout.

Multi Hand Variants

Finally we should let you know that you are not only going to be restricted to playing one hand per game of video poker, for thanks to a large and growing number of Multi Hand video poker games which many online casino sites have available you can often play dozens of hands per game.

In fact it is quite common for you to find video poker games online that will let you play up to 100 hands per game, which does of course means that when playing these video poker variants should Lady Luck give you a big smile and sit at your side when you are playing then you could get 100 Royal Flush hands dealt out to you.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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