Best and Worst Casino Bets

Almost every popular casino game offers two kinds of bets – the sober kind where the odds are more in your favor, and the adventurous ones where you are taking a bigger risk on your money. A bet is still a bet – you can win or lose, and it always depends on your play, your strategy, and also on your luck. But some bets require more luck than others. Choosing a bet depends on who you are and what are you looking for in the casino.

If the casino is the amusement park of grown ups than the sure bets would be the merry-go-round, while the risky bets would be the roller coaster. A player that likes being in control will stick to sure bets and just go through the rounds while clinging tightly to the pole. The roller coaster players are there to enjoy the highs and lows, flinging their arms up and screaming with joy. Of course, they also tend to lose more than safe players…

What are the less-risky choices you can make in the casino? Or to put it more accurately, what are the best bets you can make in terms of making money out of the casino?

The craps table in known for paying close to true odds on some of the bets, which makes it pretty attractive for those looking to stay away from risks. A good bet to make is betting the pass/don’t pass and come/don’t come, and then take odds on top of that.

Another pretty solid bet is the 1:1 roulette bets when played with a betting system. These systems can make the sure player (who is definitely more inclined to stick with the rules and discipline of the system) earn nice sums out of even bets.

Playing blackjack or video poker with a game strategy is also a good way to make money without counting on chance too much. When played right, these games yield over 100% payout, and turn out to be quite profitable.

The risky bets are the ones the make your heart palpitate as you watch the roulette wheel spinning or the dice roll. These are bets with low odds and high payoffs, like making a straight bet on a single number in roulette. The odds are 36:1 in a European roulette, and 37:1 in an American roulette, and it pays 35:1 in both wheels. Not bad if you hit the right number.

In craps there is a 30:1 payout when you bet on 2 or on 12. Of course these two numbers are the rarest combinations that the dice can produce. The chances of rolling a 2 or a 12 are 2.77%. (The chances of rolling a 7, the most common combination, are 16.66%).

Playing it wild or keeping it calm, cool and controlled is really up to you and what you believe the casino is. If you see the casino as a place to loosen up and have fun then you will feel free to be adventurous. You may not make a living out of it, but once in a while you will hit a beautiful win and the pleasure will be worth it. If you come to the casino to get paid, then the sober bets are definitely more suitable for your character and purposes. In any case it’s important to have fun with it, and take it easy no matter where the dice roll for you.

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