Best Casino Bonuses for Playing 3 Reel Slots

Our usual advise for any slot player who is looking to play slot games online is to think long and hard about taking any form of casino bonus, for whilst the value of the bonuses can be too big to ignore and will of course give you a lot of additional play time and entertainment for your money, if you are the type of slot player who is always more than happy to stop playing and cash out your winnings when you have had a series of winning spins, this is something you will not always be able to do if you have a bonus in your casino account.

Bonuses come with so many additional terms and conditions and rules these days that you can often spend up to an hour or longer reading through them all! So what originally may appear as a generous bonus offer may become something of a very poor valued one once you read through the reams and reams of terms and conditions.

It doesn’t really matter what type of 3 reel slot bonuses you choose to make use of you will find there are several different standard terms and conditions attached to those bonuses, and the art to finding those which offer you the best value is by knowing how the casino operators have worded each of those rules, terms and conditions for some of them are much better structured than others.

With this in mind we will now guide you through the main terms and conditions attached to all 3 reel slot bonuses you will come across and will highlight what to look out for on each bonus, and by having a good read through of this bonus guide you will be in a much more informed position to spot a generous bonus offer or a bonus which is giving you no value what so ever and is probably going to see you never reaching a point in your 3 reel slot playing session when you are freely able to cash any winning out.

Percentage of Deposit Awarded as a Bonus

By far and away the best bonuses you are going to be able to claim from any online casinos which allows you to play 3 reel slots are those which require you to not make any form of deposit to claim them, no deposit bonuses are given away by quite a number of casinos to get you to sign up and with you never having to put any of your own money at risk to claim them they are the best valued ones available.

However, no deposit bonuses often limit the amount of cash you can actually win off them once you have read through the terms and conditions of those bonuses, and some casinos now opt to give away a set number of real money spins to newly signed up players, but those free spins are usually attached to video slots which is no use to you if it is 3 reel slots you want to play.

Every online casino listed upon our website is going to allow you to claim a deposit match bonus of one type or another when you sign up and them make an initial deposit, and with here being so many deposit bonuses on offer you will ideally be looking to get as much bonus credits as you can from your very first deposit into that casino, and as such always be on the lookout for bonuses which will give you over 100% of your deposited amount as bonus credits.

3 Reel Slot Game Bonus Restrictions

When you are reading through the terms and conditions of any slot game bonus offer you should ensure that the type of 3 reel slots you wish to play are not actually listed as disallowed games for the purpose of bonus play.

Some casinos will strictly limit the number and type of slot game you will be able to play with bonus credits, and as such it will be pointless taking a casino up on their bonus if the actual slot machines you want to play cannot be played with that bonus, so check and double check the 3 reel slots you enjoy playing and ant to play can indeed be played with a bonus credited to your account from the casino you have chosen to play at.

Bonus Play-Through Requirement

It is often the play through requirements found in the terms and conditions of a slot game bonus that will make a bonus worth taking or one you should never consider taking! The volume of wagers you will have to play off before bonus credits and any winnings achieved during a bonus play session become withdrawal is going to vary from casino to casino.

Look out for bonuses that only have a play through requirement attached to the bonus element of your account balance for if those play through requirements are low, and by low we mean lower than 30% of your bonus funds only, and not additionally your deposit amount, then that is a better valued bonus and one that may be worth claiming.

You could find some bonuses once claimed will force you to play through your bonus and deposited amount over 50 or even 100 times, and the chances of you actually making it to a point when you an cash anything out with those bonuses are virtually impossible.

Cash Out Limits

There is no point in ever taking a 3 reel slot bonus that will have any type of cash out limit listed on the terms and conditions of that bonus, for what is the point of claiming a bonus then playing a slot machine online only for you to win let’s say 500.00 only to discover that you can only cash out 100.00 of those winnings.

With that in mind one final aspect of claiming any casinos slot game bonuses is to ensure you are never signing up to a bonus which limits the amount of cash you can win with that bonus.

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