Best Online Casino Games for UK Players

thunderstruck-2-slotWe are going to take a look at some of the most popular casino games that UK players tend to play more than any others when logged into online casino sites in this article. If you have recently been affected by the withdrawal from the UK gambling marketplace by a range of online casinos due to the new point of consumption tax, then this guide may help you decide which games are worth playing via a software platform you have never come across before.

Below is a range of games which are exclusively found on at certain casino sites, and as such have a look through this listing as all of the games on offer and listed below are high paying ones and once you know where to find them you are not going to have to spend hours trawling around the web looking for which casino sites have these games on offer.

Most Popular Casino games for UK Players

Fruit Machines – There was a time when you could play dozens of different fruit machines online, however with Microgaming Withdrawing their Fruit Machines, well all bar one, then if you do wish to play these types of gaming machines online you are sadly not going to find many of them available.

The Pub Fruity Slot is the last remaining Fruit Machine offered in Microgaming powered sites, and as such you will probably be best advised to play it at one of their flash powered, instant play casinos should you wish to give it a try This will save you having to download hundreds of other games which you may never wish to play as is the case when you choose to play via their downloadable gaming platform.

Arcade Games – There is the biggest choice of Unique Arcade Games to be found at any casino that uses the Playtech Gaming Platform, and as such if you enjoy playing games like you would find in amusement arcades then have a look at those casinos we have reviewed offering you this type of gaming platform, as there are plenty of them to choose from.

The range of Arcade games is impressive for you can play horse racing games, dice and card based games and several hi low type games. Casinos using Playtech software also have Darts and Coin Tossing based games on offer and as such you really will have hours of fun playing these types of games, which can be played for tiny stakes if you are only wanting to pass a little time.

Huge Progressive Jackpot Slots – Whilst virtually every single casino site you come across will let you play slots offering progressive jackpots, we would highly recommend that you check out some of our listed and reviewed NetEnt Powered Casino Sites, for by doing so you will come across several slots which offer jackpots worth millions of Pounds.

Whilst admittedly the chances of you ever winning one of those jackpots are tiny, you cannot win them if you don’t play the slots they are attached to and as such always give the progressive slots a little bit of play time and set aside a modest amount of cash to give them a whirl, as you never know when they will drop the lot, and only if you play them will you have a chance of winning.

Bonus Video Slots – Step foot inside any land based casino in the UK now a days and you are going to find a large and varied range of slot machines which offer free spins and a whole host of other high paying bonus feature rounds. In fact these types of video slots are now more popular with players than the Fruit Machines.

If you are seeking a new casino site at which to play then do consider playing at a Real Time Gaming powered site, for when you do you will have instant access to dozens of their Real Series Slots. These slots offer lots of different types of bonuses games which can trigger regularly, and the added bonus of playing the RTG slot is that when playing for any stake amount the chance is always there that you could win a randomly awarded progressive jackpot at the end of any single spin.

3 Card Poker Games – One card game that has proven to be almost as popular as Blackjack in many land based UK casinos is the game of 3 Card Poker, you will find plenty of casinos offering this game, but do be aware there are different names given to this game when playing at different sites powered by different software providers gaming platforms.

One game that will certainly enable to get your 3 Card Poker fix is the multi player version of this game which you will find on offer at Microgaming casinos, as you can play several hands all at the same time you will find you form many more winning hands than you ever would playing one hand per game.

As you would expect the actual payouts attached to both the base game and bonus Ante Bet game will vary from casino to casino, and the art of playing the best game is of course tracking down those variants with the best pay tables attached.

European Blackjack Game – When in land based casinos you will often find, depending on which casino you are visiting the Blackjack games can differ by way of the number of decks in the shoe and the actual game playing rules. Most casinos offer the European Variant of Blackjack, and in the online gaming environment you will also find this game on offer.

However, if you are quite partial to playing European Blackjack, then make sure you sign up to a Microgaming casino, for when you do not only will you find a standard, multi hand and high stake version of those game on offer, but you will find lots of European Blackjack Games Offering Bonus Bets.

When playing those games a range of additional yet optional side bets will be offered to you, and the actual payout you could win, if your chosen bonus bet is a winning one can and will vary depending on the variant you have chosen to play.

Keno – With Bingo always a popular pass time for many UK gamblers we have started to see more and more players giving the various different Keno games a try when logged into an online casino site. The reasons for this game slowly starting to take off in popularity is that it requires no skill and can often turn a tiny stake amount into a huge winning payout.

The way Keno works is by you having to pick out a set of numbers which can be any set of numbers from one to eighty, and then after choosing your numbers and selecting a stake you set the Keno game into play and out of the machine will roll twenty numbers.

Depending on how many numbers you have selected and how many of them (if any) that you match with those twenty randomly picked numbers, you will possibly be awarded a cash prize if you match enough of them. Match them all and you are going to pick up some huge amounts of cash if you have opted to select ten or more numbers.

If Keno is a game you have warmed too recently then do consider signing up to one of the many Playtech powered casinos listed upon our website, for each of them have several different variants on offer all of which boast their own themes and often a bonus set of additional winning payouts can be won when playing their range of Keno games.

Best Sites to Play UK Casino Games Online

Even though a lot of casinos no longer offer their games to UK players, there are still lots of sites using different gaming platforms that do. If you are looking for a casino that offers a full and diverse range of no download games, then opt to play at one that uses the Quickfire Gaming Platform, for you are going to have access to over 350 games of every type.

However when you are looking for a more robust gaming platform then do consider taking the few minutes it will take to download and install a Fully Downloadable Gaming Platform, for some of the sites using such a gaming platform offer over 800 games, and as such you are assured of hours of fun and games when playing at such a site.

Also do remember there has been a growing number of Mobile Gaming Platforms launched in the last few years, so if you are the type of player who has ditched your home computer or laptop and now uses a mobile device to get online then a mobile casino could be the answer of where to play.

Be aware though that most mobile gaming platforms only offer around 50 to 70 casino games so you are not going to find a truly massive selection of games at such sites.

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