Best Paying Online and Mobile Slots

percentageWith the number of online and mobile slot game designers constantly growing in number, then actually locating the payout percentages or even the designer of any one particular slot game may not be as easy as you first thought, as many companies supplying slot games to the online gaming environment tend to keep this information secret.

You have to ask yourself why some companies do this, for if they have a suite of high paying slot games then they should be happy to shout that from the roof tops and should be letting everyone know just how high their payout percentages are.

However there are several slot game designers, software companies, mobile and online casinos who have no problems telling their existing and potential customers what the return to player payout percentages are on all of their slot machines, and as such we have compiled a complete guide to all of the leading online and mobile slot games which will allow you to easily track down the best paying slots.

Mobile Slot Game RTP’s

As the number of mobile casinos keeps on growing along with the number of different companies supplying those sites with slot games, we have a dedicated section of the website, that being our Mobile Slots Payout Percentages guide, that will present to you a range of the best paying mobile slots by virtue of their RTP’s.

Online Slot Game RTP’S

Below is an overview of the many different slot game software companies and online casino platforms, should you wish to find out which are the best paying slots from any or all of these companies then simply follow the respective link and we will present you with the relevant facts and figures.

Microgaming Slots – It will be to a Microgaming software powered casino that you should be heading if you wish to play the most diverse and largest collections of online slots, they have hundreds of them available, and for an idea on which are the better paying games then check out our Microgaming Slot Game Payout Percentages section of our website.

Playtech Slots – Another of the major online slot game designers is Playtech and they have a truly innovative range of games on offer via the many casinos utilizing their gaming platform. We have their better paying games fully listed and reviewed in our Playtech Slots Payout Percentages guide, so do check it out if you are a fan of their slot machines!

NetEnt Slots – With an expanding range of fun to play online slots, NetEnt, who offer a suite of no download required slot games which can be accessed and played at a large number of online casino sites, have always been happy to inform players of their games what the RTP’s they have been set to return are. We have all of the NetEnt Slots Payout Percentages listed on our website so finding your perfect slot to play is easy.

IGT Interactive Slots – The name IGT may be familiar to you if you are a visitor of land based casinos, for this is one of the world’s largest designers, manufacturers and suppliers of land based casino slot machines.

IGT Interactive is an offshoot company who specializes in launching many of their one time land based games onto the online gaming environment. Checkout out our section covering IGT Interactive Slots Payout Percentages for a listing of their better paying games.

Payout Percentages Explained

All online slots have been designed with their own set of reel symbols which come with their own unique set of associated pay table listed payouts. Many slots will also offer bonus games and progressive jackpots.

However each and every slot game will come with a pre-determined RTP. This is the return to player payout percentage, and this is what each game is expected to return to players via the winning payouts during the life time of that individual slot game.

This figure is displayed as a percentage, so for example  should you see a slot which has a RTP of 96%, then over the long term operation of that individual slot game for every 100.00 played through the slot it will pay back 4.00. However, this RTP is over the long term, and as such when you play the slot you will find wild fluctuations in your actual payout percentage for that particular gaming session and this is what makes slot games so exciting to play.

If you have experienced a winning session then your RTP will be higher than 100%, however low paying slot playing sessions are always a reality and as such your RTP for any one session could be way lower than the listed payout percentage for the slot you are playing, but the more you play any one slot game the nearer you should get to its pre-determined RTP.

Individual Slot Playing Session RTP’s

As mentioned above the actual payout percentage of any slot you play during one single session is going to vary greatly, depending on of course just how well you do during that session, however working out your actual payout percentage for any one session, or a series of sessions is relatively straight forward.

To work out your payout percentage of any slot spinning session you need several pieces of information, first you need to know exactly how much you spent on stakes, this is the total accumulated amount you physically spent on every paid for spin (do not include free spins awarded as a bonus feature), and you also need to know how much you won.

The amount you won is only money credited to your credit meter and account balance as you played the slot game, do not include in this figure any cash you may have lost during a gamble type feature, but do include cash won and added to your credited meter and account balance from a winning gamble feature, and any additional bonus games.

Once you are armed with these two figures simply divide your total winnings by your stakes, so for example if you won and had credited to you casino account, during your game play, 198.00 and staked 252.00 in total then 198.00 divided by 252.00 equals 0.78, remove the 0. from this figure and your RTP for that one session is 78%.

However let us look at another example, if you won let’s say 348.00 when wagering a total of 154.00, 348.00 divided by 154.00 equals 2.25, when the figure before the decimal point is a positive figure, i.e. not a zero, then simply remove the decimal point to give you your RTP, in this case it would by a payout percentage of 225%, meaning you have had a winning session as opposed to a losing one as in our previous example.

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