Best US Casino Banking Methods

You are probably already aware that if you are one of our USA based casino game players you face something of an uphill task at many online casino sites when it comes to you being able to transfer money into an online casino site.

For many of the more well known web wallets for example no longer allow anyone living in the US to use their services, and as many banking institutions have blocked their card users from being able to use them to send money to any type of online or mobile gambling site, then you are going to find your options are somewhat limited.

However, there are still a few ways in which you are going to be able to fund a casino site when you live in the US and we do of course have lots of US player friendly online casinos to introduce you to.

Each of these sites have made a concerted effort in regards to ensuring their players do have as many banking options available to them and will always pull out all of the stops to ensure you get paid your winnings as quickly as is possible when you play at those sites.

Please keep on reading for below are a range of currently available banking options that you may be interested in using, there may be some additional charges or fees for using these options but we will highlight that fact if there are any to pay.

Western Union – One way which is going to cost you quite a lot of money in charges and fees is by using the services of Western Union to ship funds into your casino account, now by using that option you will first have to make contact with the casino site and find out to who and where the money needs transferring to and then you will have to visit a Western Union office or outlet and then send those funds to that person.

You will then have to supply the casino site with the transaction number and then once it has been collected your casino credits will then be added to your account. However, the fees and charges for using Western Union to fund an online casino account will be very large and if you win you may then have to pay more charges and fees when having your winnings sent back by this method.

Pre Paid Debit Cards – One way that does have a very high success rate when it comes to US online casino players being able to fund their casino accounts online is by using a pre paid card. The ones which are more likely to work without any problems are pre paid Visa Cards, and as such do look out for them when in a convenience store as you can top them up at that store which as much cash as you want to gamble with.

Quite a number of casinos which allow US players have processors in place that are going to allow you to have your winnings sent back to that pre paid Visa card and as such getting paid your winnings will be quick and easy.

If you do know of a local store that sells these types of payment cards or you have on in your possession and wish to use it to send money into a casino site then have a look over our Casinos that accept pre paid Visa Cards guide as there are lots of bonuses sot be claimed when you play at some of the sites listed in that section of our website for the very first time as a new player.

Bank WireUS Casinos that accept bank wires are not in short supply however much like when you use a money transfer service to send fund in any US player friendly casino using a bank wire you need to ensure that you have the correct and full details of the bank account you are sending the money to.

In most cases you will find that information on the actual casinos website for you will find the information you require by having a quick chat with the customer support team.

If so then simply instruct your bank in person or via an online banking service of the amount you wish to send, fill in the casinos relevant banking information and put a reference number or your casino account number on the transfer and that money once it reaches the casinos bank will then be credited to your account.

The only problems with sending money via a bank wire or receiving your winnings by this method that it can take quite a few working business days for your money to reach its destination, and as such this method will probably not suit you if you wish to gamble straight away or want to get paid your winnings quickly when cashing out your winnings.

Player to Player Transfer – Many US player friendly casino sites also run their own online poker sites, and there is another way which may be of interest to you if you have any friends or family members signed up to those sites for getting money transferred into your casino account.

Many sites will let their customer perform something known as a player to player transfer and this allows players to send money held in their poker or casino accounts at those sites into the account of players who also have an account at those sites.

This does of course mean that if your friends or family member have money in their accounts you could ask them to transfer it over to your account and simply hand them over the same value of cash for doing so.

Just make sure that whoever it is you have chosen to send those funds is in fact going to do so as you will not want to ask a stranger to do that and then find after handing over your money to them those funds do not show up in your account.

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