Bethard has officially teamed up with one of the most prolific strikers to ever grace the game, Zlatan Ibrahimovic!

With the slogan of Winners Dare More, they could not have chosen a more fitting figure than the 6ft 5 inch forward, who is considered Sweden’s greatest ever player and is their all-time top goal scorer!

Zlatan has made an impact at every team he has ever played at and at Bethard, he is very likely to carry on the trend!

He is just the latest in a long line of exciting athletes at Team Bethard, but Zlatan’s addition is exactly what the brand needs to take the gaming venue to the next level.

The deal also promises to give Zlatan an equal opportunity to expand his horizons into a whole new market and add to his own very impressive personal brand into an already successful mix!

Bethard exceptional service and proven track record go hand in hand with Zlatan’s ways, who has just as an impeccable track record of pushing boundaries and making new ground in his respective fields!

Zlatan Joins Bethard
Zlatan’s presence has become a phenomenon both on and off the pitch and he fits in perfectly with Bethard, who aim to push as many boundaries in the betting world as Zlatan has in the footballing world!

As such, this latest partnership is sure to be a match made in heaven!

With Zlatan as both, ambassador and part owner of Bethard, this deal is more than a marketing ploy and is a solid effort to push Bethard to the highest possible reaches available to them.

A sentiment expressed by Bethard’s founder, Erik Skarp, he stated in an interview that Zlatan “is not our poster boy, but he will be with us and develop the company, above all, into a brand that people want to associate with”.

It appears that this will be a way for Bethard to head in a different direction with their overall branding, and instead, focus on one that is less serious and more lighthearted, while still keeping the same outstanding service!

This is intrinsic to the Bethard way, as they have strong foundations in providing a beneficial casino service for all parties involved. Made clear at the 2018 Gaming Awards, when they took home the “Great Place to Work” title, which goes to show that Bethard wants all parties involved to be more than content and enjoy being part of their winning team!

Indeed, this is what Skarp thinks is what most likely what attracted Zlatan to the company and made him want to put pen to pad and make one of the biggest deals to ever occur in the gaming industry.

He explained that “When Zlatan heard about our winners dare more attitude, he instantly wanted to learn more about our story and our vision. He can associate with our story, and I think that was key in the discussion.”

This comes as no surprise as Zlatan’s winning history means he has seriously high expectations and so he couldn’t have found a casino more in tune with his own mindset than Bethard!

All things considered, this looks like a mutually beneficial for both parties and casinos guests are also sure to feel the perks of this winning combination and we are very excited about what will come to pass over the coming months!

This news has come at the perfect time, especially if you are from the UK, as Bethard is poised to launch their awesome site in the UK next month with its own very special campaign, which means all Brits have even more to look forward to very soon!

They won’t stop there though and are also set to roll out their brand in several other countries as well, so stay tuned for all that too!

The good news from Bethard is coming thick and fast as the moment and so it is set to be a massive year for the company and all eyes should be on this awesome platform for the next few months!

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