Bets to Avoid Placing on a Craps Game

If you ever have wandered around a land based casinos gaming floor and have come across a Craps game in full flow, then the often very boisterous nature of the players involved in that popular table game could have resulted in your walking right past the game.

However, when you log into an online casino site you are of course going to find Craps games on offer and as you will not be playing alongside other players then you are probably going to be more tempted to playing that game online than you ever would be when in a land based casino, as the tables are 100% less intimidating that a land based venues Craps table.

If you have never played Craps game online before or for that matter in a land based casino then there are a whole slew of different betting opportunities that are going to be on offer to you when you purchase chips for that game.

But not all of the betting opportunities that will become available to you offer you true value, in fact some of the bets and wagers that you are going to be able to place on a Craps table offer very poor value and as such they are ones you should always avoid placing.

With that in mind below we have compiled an overview of the bets and wagers that you should never place on any Craps table, and we will enlighten you are to why you should avoid placing those wagers.

Field Bet – As soon as you start to play Craps more and more it will soon become very apparent that the field Bet is going to offer you very poor value. When you choose to place any wager on this betting proposition you are going to have 16 ways of winning but there will also be 20 ways of losing on that bet.

You may get, as an inexperienced player, the impression that the actual payout odds of those Field Bets are generous and appealing however they are not and as such you should always try and avoid placing any type of Field Bet when playing online Craps games.

Hardways Bet and Proposition Bets – You are often going to have the option of placing a range of bets directly onto a Craps table that could stay live for several consecutive rolls of the dice, however when you have opted to play a Hardways bet or one of the Proposition bets offered on a Craps game then you will find you have just one single chance of seeing those bets being successful.

The odds offered on bets such as the Hardways bets and Proposition bets are often very attractive to a novice player for you will find the Double 6’s bet or the Snake Eyes bet offer huge odds, however the odds are huge for a reason and that is there is only a tiny chance that they will be successful bets.

 Big 6 and Big 8 Bets – Another two bets that we would strongly advice you not to place when you are playing Carps with the aim of ending your session in profit, which is of course what every real money Craps player will be looking to do are the Big 6 and Big 8 betting opportunities.

The payout odds on those two bets are even money, however there are many more ways that a 7 can be rolled in via the dice than there are ways of rolling in either of those two bets and as such they are bets you should forget about placing as by constantly placing them you are likely to bust out your bankroll very quickly, more so as the actual real odds of those bets being successful are much higher than their actual payout odds.

Understanding the Mathematics of Craps

It is always going to be the house edge that are offered by any single wagering opportunity that are offered to you on any bet you can place on a Craps table that will determine whether those bets off you true value or are bets that you should always avoid placing.

We shall now explain the house edges attached to some of the betting opportunities named above so as to allow you to see why they are all such very poor valued bets and wagers and as such should always be ones you never place on any Craps tables.

Let is start by letting you know about the house edge that are attached to the Proposition Bets mentioned above, you will find that depending on which casino site you are playing Craps at the house edge on the Proposition Bets can and will vary from 9.09% to 16.67%, and to be perfectly honest it does not take a mathematic genius to work out when you keep on placing those types of bets your bankroll will never last very long unless you manage to beat the odds which is a very rare event.

The house edge on the Big 6 or Big 8 bets are usually around the 9.09% mark and as such those best offer you no valued what so ever and should also be bets that you never place on a Craps game.

Craps and Casino Bonuses

You could be tempted to play Craps game online due to the casino site you are playing at or you are thinking of playing at offering you a bonus once you make a deposit into their respective casino site.

However, all bonuses are going to have game restrictions in place on them and every single casino bonus you will be offered is going to force you to have to play through your bonus funds and also in most cased your deposited amount a certain amount of times before you can cash out any winnings.

With that in mind two things to check out is whether firstly you can play the Craps game with any bonus funds you have claimed and secondly whether the play through requirement is low on those bonuses.

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