Big Five Blackjack for Real Money

big-five-blackjackThe Big Five Blackjack game is one of those variants that are unique to Microgaming Casinos and as such that is probably why you may have never heard or seen this game being played before, unless of course you have played at a Microgaming powered site where it has been available for quite a number of years now.

You do need to be aware that there are dozens of different Blackjack Game Variants that you can freely access and play online and this particular variant is not one of the best games on offer due to its house edge being rather large, however if you can put that out of your mind allow us to present to you all of the relevant facts and figures surrounding this game and also enlighten you on how to play it.

We have also got a couple of helpful playing tips for playing Microgaming’s Big Five Blackjack game and you will find them at the foot of this review of the game, so make sure you view and make a note of those tips if you do intend to give this game any amount of play time online.

Multi Hand versus Single Hand Variant

Unlike many of the older and more established real money Blackjack games that Microgaming have launched over the years, the Big Five game, being one of their most recent game releases only comes in a Gold Series version of the game.

If you haven’t played at a Microgaming casino before then the thing you need to be aware of is that their original games are all still available, and when they upgraded their gaming platforms they revamped a lot of their back catalogue of games with new graphics and a new playing interface, and those games are their Gold Series ones.

This does of course mean that if you choose to play either the single hand or multi hand version of their Big Five Blackjack game then you will be playing the most advanced version of the game available, and it should be noted there are no differences in regards to the winning payouts on either the single or multi hand version of this game as both games come with the same number of decks in the shoe, and for reference there are five decks of playing cards in the shoe.

Dealer and Player Rules

As all Microgaming Blackjack games come with different numbers of decks in the shoe we should start by telling you that when playing Big Five Blackjack there will be five decks in play at all times in the shoe, and as soon as you have finished playing any one game the shoe of cards is fully shuffled, and that does of course mean any ideas you may have had about counting cards should be put out of your mind as you cannot count cards when playing this game online.

The Dealer will always offer you Insurance when he may have a Blackjack hand, and when playing his hand should it have a value of a soft 17 or lower then he will keep on hitting that hand until it is higher in value than a soft 17. As this is a no peek game then when dealing out the initial set of cards the Dealer is only going to deal himself one face up card, all of the other hands that will form his hand will be dealt out once he has dealt out your hands and you have finished making your playing and betting decisions.

If you wish to buy another card which is known as a double down then you can do that on any two card hand you have been dealt irrespective of its value, unless of course you have been dealt out a Blackjack hand, you can even double down on any two card hand when you have split a hand.

The Dealer is go to offer you Early Surrender but the only time he is not going to offer you this playing move is when he has been dealt out an Ace. You can split all pairs of cards that have the same value and that will include all of the ten valued cards in the decks.

Payouts and Playing Tips

With payouts of even money on all standard winning player hands and 3 to 2 being paid for a winning players Blackjack hand there is nothing unusual about the payouts awarded to players playing the Big Five Blackjack game. You will be offered the Insurance wager from time to time but even with the payout odds of 2 to 1 that bet is one you should never accept due to its house edge being so large.

There are plenty of playing tips we can pass on to you for playing Big Five Blackjack online, however we shall take a look at when you should take Early Surrender when playing this game, as this is one of only a small number of Microgaming Blackjack games that offer Early Surrender and you could be tempted to take it at the wrong moment and if you do the house edge of the game will increase and you will have more chance of losing.

Should you be playing this game and be dealt either a pair of 7’s or a pair of 8’s then you should surrender those hands only when the Dealer is holding a 10 valued card. If you have a hard 14 or a hard 15 and the Dealer is showing a 10 then that is another time that you should surrender your hand when playing this Blackjack game.

There are two other times when it is the correct playing strategy to surrender your hand and this is when you have been dealt out a hard 16 hand, if you get dealt such a hand and the Dealer is holding either a 9 or 10 valued card, then the correct strategy is for you to surrender that hand. Those six times are the only times when you should surrender a hand playing Big Five Blackjack.

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