Bingo Strategy

As bingo is a game that is played for real money, there will always be people looking to find a bingo strategy that helps to increase their chances of winning. There is a major drawback in this line of thinking due to the high probability of chance that is involved with bingo but then again, this hasn’t negated strategies being developed for other games that have a chance element.

The spin of the roulette wheel means that fortune will play a part in every roulette bet, but of course, there are strategies for that. Roulette strategies like the Martingale strategy work in theory but in reality, a run of bad fortune can see you lose all of your money very quickly. The thing is though, this strategy is able to work because when betting between red and black or between odd and even, it is very close to a 50/50 split. This is not a situation in bingo as there is not close to a 50% chance you will win a particular game of bingo.

This means that there is a very limited ability to develop a bingo strategy and when it comes to online bingo, there is a reduced chance of developing a strategy that will bring success. When it comes to online bingo, it is largely best to hope luck comes your way and making the most of what comes around! However, being sensible can slightly give you a better chance of being a bingo winner. The two tips below are perfect for real bingo and not meant for the “Bonus Bingo” game available to some players in the United States. Check out our article on how to play bingo if you’re curious on some additional tips to make you a winner.

Tip #1: Play more cards and less bingo games

When you log onto a bingo site, there will be a lot of bingo games taking place in a short period of time. Even if you only have a limited period of time to enjoy online bingo, you have options with what to do with your money. You could decide to buy 1 or 2 cards in a number of different bingo games or you could decide to buy a lot of bingo cards in 1 or 2 bingo games.

When it comes to making a bingo strategy decision, the option to buy a lot of bingo cards in 1 game would be the best bet. It can be compared to a raffle. If there are ten raffle tickets in the draw and you buy seven of them, you will have a 70% chance of being the winner. This is not a guaranteed win, other players will still have a chance of winning but you can see that you have a greatly increased chance of winning.

This should be contrasted with the probability of buying 1 ticket in 7 different bingo games. In each game, if 10 tickets are sold and you buy 1 ticket, you will have a 10% chance of winning that game. As the bingo games are not linked and each one stands on its own, there is no linking through the different games. You will have a 10% chance of winning each bingo game.

In this regard, if you have enough money to buy seven bingo tickets, it makes more sense to spend all of your bingo money on 1 game of bingo as opposed to spreading your money out across different bingo games.

Not every bingo player is focused on winning, some prefer the enjoyment that they get from playing bingo or perhaps they lack the interaction with other players. Players with this mind-set would gain additional benefits from playing in various online bingo games but if you are looking for a bingo strategy to win money, play more bingo cards in fewer bingo games.

Tip #2: Play in rooms that are less busy but prize pools are guaranteed

Given this approach, it makes sense to play in bingo rooms where there are guaranteed prizes but perhaps a less than full intake of bingo players. If there are fewer players competing against you for a guaranteed prize, you have a better chance of winning. Knowing if there is a guaranteed prize on offer can be important because many bingo rooms only offer prizes based on the number of bingo cards sold.

A bingo prize based on a percentage of bingo cards sold is not a great incentive for a bingo player that has bought a majority of bingo cards. This scenario would likely lead to you making a loss even if you win, so be careful when selecting your bingo room.

Bonus Bingo Betting Tips

The bonus bingo game is different than the normal bingo strategy described above. But with that there are still some strategies involved as the bonus bingo betting strategy is going to be similar to the Keno betting strategies. For those looking for bonus bingo betting tips, we recommend reading the article linked to above.

There are not too many different bingo strategy plans that will guarantee success but with common sense, you can boost your chances of winning. To further increase your chance of enjoying your online bingo game, play at one of our recommended best bingo sites online.

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