Online Blackjack for Bitcoin

live-dealer-blackjackBefore we give you an overview of what playing online Blackjack for Bitcoin entails, we should point out, in case you are wondering that when you opt to sign up to any casino site that accepts Bitcoin you are never going to be forced to play each hand of Blackjack for one full Bitcoin per hand.

If you were forced to play for one Bitcoin per hand dealt out to you then you would of course need some very deep pockets due to the high yet fluctuating value of this digital currency.

There are in fact two different ways that casino sites allow their players to set their accounts in regards to their casino credit systems, the first one is probably the most common way they operate and this will see you being able to fund your casino account using Bitcoin and then they will swap your coins in casino playing credits at a rate of 100 or 1000 casino credits per full single Bitcoin deposited.

Then you are able to play the Blackjack games for stake levels of your own choosing by increasing the casino credits to your own preferences. The other way casinos will let you play their Blackjack games is by giving players the options of playing for a fraction of a Bitcoin per hand dealt out.

Whichever casino you choose to play at the most important thing to remember is that you will be able to play their Blackjack games for stake levels you are comfortable with and will not have to be a very high roller to enjoy playing them or have access to them.

Blackjack Game Playing Rules

It will of course be dependent on just which casino site that you choose to play at as to the playability of their Blackjack games, however if you have read through our mBit Casino Review and found that you like what they have to offer then below is an overview of their unique and very high paying blackjack game which can be instantly accessed via their no download required gaming platform.

Live Dealer Blackjack for Bitcoin

Out of all of the many different Blackjack game variants that you are going to come across online we doubt you are going to get the best gaming experience when playing those other games that you will when you play the Live Blackjack games offered at our featured Bitcoin Casino site.

With this in mind and should you wish to learn more about playing Live Dealer Blackjack online when using Bitcoin as your deposit option then have a read through the following game playing rules attached to this highly attractive Blackjack game below, for this game is a low house edge game which is now instantly available to players without having to download an entire casinos gaming platform onto your computer.


You will find Live Blackjack as played at our featured Bitcoin Casino site uses eight full decks of standard playing cards.

Dealer Rules

The Dealers rules attached to the Live Dealer Blackjack game are not complicated in any way shape or form, in fact the only Dealer rules worthy of note is that the Dealer is going to stand all 17 valued hands whether a soft or hard 17 hand.

Player Rules

You can play the standard hit and stand moves at any time when playing Live Online Blackjack, and when you are permitted to Double Down you wager or split any matching pair of same valued cards then this paid for move will be indicated by the onscreen betting buttons.


The payouts attached to this Blackjack game variant are high and standard which does of course mean that if you are dealt out an unmatched by the Dealer Blackjack hand containing any of the Aces and any of the Ten valued cards then you are going to receive a winning payout of 3 to 2, if you have chosen to split Aces and get a Ten valued card dealt out to either or one of them then those hands are not Blackjack hands put payout the standard even money payout.

All winning non Blackjack hands are given a payout worth even money, and a winning Insurance bet pays out at odds of 2 to 1.

RNG Blackjack Games for Bitcoin

Below are all of the facts and figures surrounding the software driven Blackjack game variant offered at our above named online casino.

Stake Levels

You are going to be able to play Blackjack for stakes of your own choosing, you can increase of decrease the value of each wager you place by using the onscreen controls, and as such you can opt to play for very low stakes or increase them upwards and play this game for very high stakes.

Player Rules

You will be able to split, double down and take Insurance when offered by the Dealer, however remember that the Insurance is a poor valued bet when playing any form of online Blackjack game and as such it is a bet you should never place.

Dealer Rules

The Dealer is going to play his hand as normal until such a time as he gets a Soft 17 hand or any hand greater in value, and when he does that hand will stand and no additional cards will be dealt out to it.


You will not be in for any shocks when playing Bitcoin Blackjack online for the payouts are all standard and as such you will get even money for all non Blackjack hands that win, 2 to 1 for a winning Insurance wager and 3 to 2 for a winning Blackjack hand.

Be aware when you are playing the software driven Blackjack game described above, before a new hand is dealt out to plays the software will ensure the decks of cards have all been fully shuffled. This does of course mean that you are therefore going to be unable to count cards if that is the way you like to play online Blackjack games optimally.

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