Blackjack Games You Should Never Play for Real Money

blackjack01You will often be presented with all manner of different Blackjack game variants when visiting any casino card game based news and information website, and whilst many of those sites will list the games which come with the lowest house edges, which incidentally are the types of game you should be looking to play, we want you to be aware of which Blackjack games you should never play, at least not for real money.

Over the years more and more casual casino game players have started to move some or all of their once land based gaming action onto the online gambling environment, and as such when you are faced for the very first time with a huge suite of games it is all too easy just to pick one of them due to that fact that you like the sound of its name or its design.

In regards to real money Blackjack games that are quite readily available online you will find many variants are what are classed as regional variants, and as such they will be named after a part of the world you may have visited and may have played the Blackjack games most commonly available in those locations.

A few examples of these games include Spanish Blackjack, Vegas Downtown Blackjack or even Vegas Strip Blackjack. However, at the heart of every single Blackjack game whether available online or in a land based casino is something known as house edge, and this is the theoretical advantage the casino has over you which is presented as a percentage, based on the rules and payouts attached to each Blackjack game.

There is a simple set of rules anyone wanting to play Blackjack should follow, and these are that you should first and foremost locate a Blackjack game which has the lowest house edge and secondly learn to play that game optimally, as by doing so your winning chances will increase, often quite noticeably when you do.

Below we have listed several Blackjack games which offer players no value what so ever, even if you do play every single hand dealt out to you perfectly and optimally when playing the following Blackjack games you will still be up against a very high house edge due to the way these games have been designed, and as such the following games should be avoided as there are plenty of much better games on offer which have much lower house edges.

Microgaming’s Super Fun 21 – Microgaming Casinos have a Classic Blackjack game on offer which is available in both a single hand and multi hand version of the game, opting to play the single hand version and then playing it perfectly will see you up against a house edge of just 0.13%.

However, do not be tempted to play any other Blackjack game of which they have dozens available for by doing so you will be playing games with much higher house edges, and by playing games such as their Super Fun 21 Blackjack game you are going to be playing a variant of Blackjack that offers poor value due in no small part to that games house edge being 0.94%, so stick to playing the single hand Classic Blackjack game for the best winning chances.

NetEnt’s Double Exposure Blackjack – The one main selling point of the Double Exposure Blackjack game found in the gaming suite of NetEnt Casinos is that you get to see the Dealers cards at all time, so deciding on your next playing move is easy. However, there is a huge price to be played for seeing the Dealers cards and that even when you play this game with the very best strategy in place is the house edge which works out at some 0.64%.

Playtech’s 21 Duel Blackjack – Fortunately when you are logged into Playtech Casino Sites you are going to come across games such as the Blackjack Switch game and when played optimally the house edge on that variant works out at 0.16%.

However, do be aware that this leading software and casino game designer has lots of other variants on offer which boast much higher and lower valued house edge one game you may come across is 21 Duel Blackjack which is one of many of their games you should never play due to its 3.08% house edge.

Real Time Gaming’s Super 21 Blackjack – With a house edge of 1.20% you will never have the maximum winning opportunities when playing the Super 21 Blackjack game at any of our featured RTG Casinos, and as such avoid playing this variant when logged into any of those casino sites and give their Blackjack Surrender game some play time for that game has the lowest house edge of any Real Time Gaming designed Blackjack game.

IGT’s Top Hat Blackjack – Having made a name for themselves in regards to their huge suite of slot games which are found in land based casinos all over the world, you would have thought that IGT who have launched their own online casino platform known as the IGT Interactive platform would have some other great playing and paying games.

However, they have launched a game known as Top Hat Blackjack and this is a game which offers a house edge of a massive 2.50%, which is comparable to a slot games house edge! So if you want to access Blackjack games offering much better value and winning chances always avoid playing this particular variant online.

Rival Gaming’s Multi Hand Blackjack – You are not going to find a huge variety of Blackjack games at Rival software powered casinos as they only have two on offer. One of them is their multi hand Blackjack game which comes with a terribly low house edge of some 0.86%, in fact the only other variant on offer which they call their Standard Blackjack game has a house edge of some 0.62%, and as such you are best of avoiding any casino using this gaming platform if you are a Blackjack player as there is no value to be had when playing either of those two games online.

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