Blackjack Strategies That are Easy to Remember

blackjack-strategy-cardPlaying Blackjack online is going to be a fairly straight forward thing to do for this card game is available at all online casinos and comes in many different game variants, so finding a low house edge Blackjack game is going to be easy, once you discover which variant do have favourable player rules that is.

The games we suggest you play online are games such as Playtech’s Blackjack Switch game which is a popular choice for Blackjack players due to its house edge being very low at just 0.16%, if you prefer Microgaming’s gaming platform then their single hand Classic Blackjack game is worth tracking down for it comes with an even lower house edge than Playtech’s Blackjack Switch game and when played perfectly the house edge is just 0.13%.

Once you have located a Blackjack game you like the look of then all that is required is for you to place a wager on that game to set it in motion. However, if you are fairly new to playing Blackjack then allow us to present to you a range of very easy to remember Blackjack playing moves, that when you put them into live play you will be playing optimally.

The one thing that a lot of new Blackjack players tend to do is to play certain hand combinations incorrectly, and every casino online will want you to veer off perfect strategy for by doing so you increase the house edge for that game and the only people who benefit when you do that are the casino owners and operators.

So please do read through the following guide for when playing Blackjack you are going to increase your winning chances when you play the following hand combinations as described, as these playing moves are not going to baffle or confuse you and once you learn them you will always remember them.

Never Split 10’s

The first easy to remember Blackjack playing move is that you should always stand any pair of 10 valued cards, we have come across lots of different online Blackjack game variants that will let you split any pair of 10 valued cards, but if you do split them then you are veering of optimal strategy and that will cost you money over time, so always stand such a hand when dealt out to you.

Never Take Insurance

As you play virtually any Blackjack game variant with the obvious exception of face up or Double Exposure Blackjack you are going to be offered the Insurance wager when there is a chance of the Dealers hand ending up being a Blackjack hand, this is a poor valued additional side bet and as such if and when you do get offered this side bet wager you should always politely refuse to take it, due to the very large house edge attached to this single wagering opportunity.

Always Split Aces

Splitting an pair of Aces dealt out to you is what you should do, we often see players unable to make this playing move due to them not having enough cash left in their casino accounts when such a hand is dealt out to them and this then forces them to hit or stand that pair of Aces. Always make sure before you start to play Blackjack or at any time during your session you always have enough back up cash instantly available should you get dealt out such a hand to enable you to split those two Aces.

Stand a Soft 20 Hand

We mentioned above that you should always stand a pair of 10’s and this is the same correct playing strategy that you should make when you have been dealt out, a Soft hand is any hand combination that contains any Ace, and as such if you get dealt out an Ace and a 9 card which is a Soft 20 valued hand then you should always stand such a hand and never hit it, so make sure you do stand those hands.

Stand a Hard 17 or Above Hand

You should always stand a hand that is above 17 in value and one that is a hard hand, if you do not know what a hard hand is then it is simply a hand that does not contain an Ace! Even if the Dealer is showing a ten and you have a Hard 17 for example then the correct basic strategy calls for you to stand that hand so make sure that is exactly what you do.

Don’t Place Bonus Side Bets

As we see more and more Blackjack games being brought online one thing we have noticed a lot of the newer Blackjack game variants have on offer is a range of bonus payouts which can usually only be won when you have placed a bonus bet of one type or another, we have never seen a bonus wager that comes with a low house edge as low as the one attached to the base game, and as such you should never place these wagers as the house edge is much worse when you place such a bet than playing the base game on its own.

Hit Soft 17 and Higher Hands

The final easy to remember Blackjack playing move we would like to pass on to you is in regards to you getting dealt  out any Soft 17 or higher valued hand combinations. As mentioned above any Soft hand is one that contains and Ace and getting dealt such a hand that has a total value of 17 or anything higher will call for you to stand those hands.

If you veer off any of the above correct playing moves then the house edge of the Blackjack game you are playing is going to be increased and that will mean that your winning chances will become smaller, so stick to the above playing moves, and also try and get a Blackjack strategy card for the variant you enjoy playing.

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