Bonus Blackjack for Real Money

bonus-blackjackThere are quite a number of different Blackjack Game Variants that you are going to come across when you choose to play this popular card game are any of our listed and rated Microgaming Casinos that will offer you some form of bonus payouts for being dealt out certain winning hand combinations.

Some of these games like Bonus Blackjack for real money will require you to place a side bet wager to have the opportunity of forming one of the bonus hand combinations, whilst some variants require no additional side bet to be placed.

What makes this Bonus Blackjack game slightly different to most others is that it has its own unique set of game playing rules, and as such unlike other Blackjack games from Microgaming this game is not based around the European Blackjack game which many of their other bonus paying Blackjack games are, which does mean if you are looking for a high paying game to play thanks to the bonus payouts that can be awarded to you then this game is very unique and one that you may actually enjoy playing online.

Multi Hand versus Single Hand Variant

Should you have never played at one of our Microgaming casinos before or any online site that offers their range of real money Blackjack games then you are in for a real treat when you choose to play any of their range of Blackjack games as there are dozens of different versions and variants all readily available.

You will be able to sample four different versions of this Bonus Blackjack game for there are two single hand versions and also two multi hand versions of the game, be aware that the rules, payouts and number of cards in each deck of these four variants are the same so you will not be making any compromises playing one over the others.

One single hand and one multi hand variant of these games are the original versions of Bonus Blackjack and the other two versions are the Gold Series variants, the latter named games all come with completely enhanced graphics and a refreshed type of appearance and are much better looking games to play.

You are of course able to sample any of these four Bonus Blackjack games either for free or for real money at any of our listed and proved Microgaming casinos so do try them out as you may get to like them.

Dealer and Player Rules

The Bonus Blackjack game found at Microgaming powered sites is known and classed as a hole card game, this means that as the Dealer is dealing out both your and his initial cards he will deal out alongside his face up card one face down card, and he is going to take a peek at the face down card should his other card be an Ace or a Ten valued card.

There are two decks in the shoe of this game and you do need to be aware that it is not possible to count cards when playing Bonus Blackjack online as the entire shoe of cards is fully shuffled before a new game is sent into live play.

As soon as you have made all of your initial playing and betting decisions and have finally made the decision to stand your hand then the Dealer will play off his hand, he is obliged to hit any hand he has been dealt out if its combined value is a soft 17 or lower in value.

There are several liberal player rules attached to this game one of which is that you are allowed to double down on any two initial cards irrespective of their values and you are also able to double down when you have split a pair of cards. You can split any pair of cards including all 10 valued cards and in total you are allowed to split a hand 3 times.

Payouts and Playing Tips

There are two sets of winning payouts that you can be awarded when playing the Bonus Blackjack game online, the first are the industry standard winning payouts which include a 2 to 1 pay off when you place an Insurance bet that is successful, a 3 to 2 payout will be awarded to you if you are dealt a winning Blackjack hand, and any other hand which does include any split Ace or Ten card that is dealt out a Ten or Ace respectively will be paid out at the standard odds of even money.

The second set of winning payouts that can be awarded to you when playing this Blackjack game variant will only be awarded if you have placed the optional Bonus Bet before you get dealt out your hand, and to benefit from those winning bonus payouts you have to be dealt out one of three different types of hands.

The first two cards dealt out to you are used to determine whether you have won or lost on the bonus bet, and when playing this game with the bonus bet placed if you are dealt out an Ace and a Jack in the suit of Spades you are rewarded with a bonus bet payout of 50 to 1. Any other Jack and Ace dealt out to you as your first two cards with the bonus bet placed is rewarded with a winning payout of 25 to 1, and any 2 cards which are both in the same suit as your first two cards dealt out will receive a bonus payout at odds of 5 to 2.

If you do wish to play this Blackjack game and intend to play the bonus bet then one tip we can pass onto you is to ensure you keep the stakes on that bonus bet low in value, for that bet has its own high house edge and by placing too high a stake on it you will run the risk of eating away at your available bankroll much more quickly that you may have hoped.

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