Bonus Jacks or Better

Money Casino’s Bonus Jacks or Better is a multi-hand video poker game that features a bonus screen where you can double the profits off your wins as you play up to 51 hands in a single round.

In Jacks or Better you get paid for hitting a pair of Js or a better hand. In our 51-hands Jacks or Better games you can earn up to 5000 coins on a royal flush

How to Play Bonus Jacks or Better
Click on the appropriate button to set how many hands to play and how much coins to bet on a hand: you can either PLAY 1 HAND, or PLAY 11 HANDS, or the max option, PLAY 51 HANDS.
Click BET ONE to place one coin on each hand (every click will add one coin to each hand, up to 5 coins). Click BET MAX to put 5 coins on every hand.

After setting the bet click on DEAL to get your cards (if you clicked BET MAX the round will start automatically.

Click on the cards you want keep, the others will be replaced. (When making your selection keep in mind that in this game only a pair of Jacks or a better hand pays). click DEAL again to replace the cards you’re discarding.

The new hands are dealt and open and your winning hands and their payouts appear on the payoff table and on the credits bar.

How to Play the Bonus Game
When you play the bonus versions, in the bonus game you have the chance to double the profit (your win minus the original bet) in a double or nothing bet.

If you win a higher sum than the bet you the game offers you to play the bonus game, click YES to enter the bonus screen, otherwise click NO, TAKE WIN .

In the bonus screen you see a swirling joker card, and you need to bet whether it’s HIGH (8 and up) or LOW (7 and down). If you win your profit is doubled and you can play another bonus game to try and double it again by clicking DOUBLE AGAIN. Otherwise click TAKE CREDITS to collect your winnings and go back to the game. If your bet loses you lose the profit but keep the sum of the original bet.

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