Boom or Bust Slot Playing Sessions

Every now and then an online slot player will choose to take the bulls by the horn and have a very high risk type of slot playing session, and today we are going to take a look at just how you can have a boom or bust type of slot playing session.

Throwing caution to the wind and playing for stake levels or playing slots in a slightly different way than normal will usually have one of two effects, you will quickly lose your bankroll or conversely you could have a slot playing session on which some huge amounts of cash are won.

We would advise that before you consider putting any of the following ways of playing a boom or bust type of slot session you always ensure that you are gambling with money you are prepared to lose, as is often the case playing slots is a very high risk way will see you busting out your bankroll.

Play the High Variance Slots

You will not want to see a load of low valued winning combinations spinning in when you are hoping for a boom but not a bust type of online slot playing session, and as such then you ought to be looking for a high variance structured slot game to play.

When playing a high variance slot online then you are going to be playing a slot that has been designed in such a way that low valued winning combinations appear much less frequently than on other slots.

However the effect of doing away with the lower valued winning combinations spinning in or certainly decreasing the number of times they appear during any one session is that you can, and without any warning, suddenly get a very high paying winning combination spinning in or may get a high paying bonus round feature game triggering.

Always Play the Maximum Bet

The only way that you are going to have the chance of winning some larger than average winning payouts when playing slots online is by you always opting to play the maximum number of paylines a slot game has on offer and making sure you put into play the maximum number of coins permitted on each payline whilst also making the coin values the highest ones on offer on each respective slot game you play.

Whilst that will of course mean that on slots offering lots of paylines the actual stakes you are playing those slot games for will be huge, the rewards are always therefore the taking, and you know what they say, fortune favours the brave.

Do keep in mind as you have a huge selection of different slot games available to you online then you can of course shop around for a slot game offering the number of paylines you wish to play for, so if you want a boom or bust type of slot playing session but have a modest sized bankroll simply pick a slot to play that has only a small number of paylines, but always opt to put them into live play.

Low Number of Free Spins with High Multipliers

There are a number of online slot games which not only can award you with a set of free spins, but when the bonus game is triggered you are given the option of picking one of several ways for those free spins to play out.

With this in mind and if you are playing a boom or bust type of slot playing session then you are best off picking the lowest number of free spins on offer and the ones with the highest multipliers attached to them.

The reason for this is simple, it will only take one free spin that has a high valued winning combination spinning in on them to see you being awarded a lot of cash thanks to the attached high multiplier, so when offered such a bonus game feature round opt for the lowest number of free spins with the highest multiplier, close your eyes and then hope for the best.

Avoid Taking a Bonus

One very important part of playing slots in a very high risk type of way is that when that huge pay day finally appears and a massive winning payout is awarded to you, then you want to be able to cash out and keep those winnings.

As such do not be tempted to increase your casino account balance by taking a casino up on any bonus that they may have offered you, for if you do and if you win big in a short period of time you are then going to have to be forced to keep on playing and risk losing what you have just won due to the play-through requirements attached to that bonus.

By avoiding any bonuses when playing a boom or bust type of slot playing session you are always able to cash out at any point during your slot playing session, which is the whole idea of playing slots in such a way.

Collective Bonus Game Features

One final word of warning when you are about to start playing a high risk type of slot playing session online, steer well clear of slot games that have a collective type of bonus game feature.

There are many online slots such as the Scrooge slot from Microgaming for example that when you are playing the base game can spin in special reel symbols, and only when you have accumulated enough of them will the bonus game be awarded and triggered.

As you may run out of credits long before you spin in enough of these symbols to trigger the bonus round then you should avoid playing these types of slots.

One possible type of slot game to play are those which offer bonus games which are randomly triggered or slots which offer randomly awarded progressive jackpots, for you could end up with a large payout instantly when playing them for high stake levels.

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