Branded and Licensed Online Slot Machines

the-osbournes-slotYou will come across slot games boasting a wide range of themes when playing at any online casino site, irrespective of which software platform that casino is powered by. However, what you will find offered at casino sites powered by some of the longer established software platforms such as Microgaming, IGT Interactive, NetEnt and Playtech are slots which are licensed and fully branded.

These slots could be themed around famous people, cartoon characters, super heroes or rock, pop and film stars and as such are instantly recognisable games which often boast a range of more advanced base and bonus game features.

Whilst most Actors, Pop and Rock Stars as well as companies who own the Trademark or Copyright to a range of different things, including themselves, are more than happy to allow their product or images to be used on slot machines (for a price). There has been the odd occasion when a game has been released, only for it to be withdrawn months or years later due to the Copyright or Trademark owner suddenly taking offence to such a slot not being in keeping with their ethics or way of thinking.

This did happen with a Microgaming slot launched a few years ago. They brought out a slot named the Lord of the Rings, however whilst permission was granted by New Line Productions Inc who are the film distributor, the family of the late J. R. R. Tolkien who penned the book on which the slot was designed took offence and as such the slot was later pulled, only to be reborn with a new theme as the Avalon II slot (which still bears a striking resemblance to some of of the characters including The Witch King and Aragon!).

Celebrity Themed and Endorsed Slot Machines

You will however find that many people are more than happy for their images and/or likeness to be used as the theme of an online slot machine, as this is often a great way for them to earn some easy money! Take Sharon Osbourne for example, she was recently seen on televisions sporting a very expensive coat, which she proudly proclaimed was paid for by Bingo.

She had of course been recently been promoting an online Bingo site in a range of television advertisements, and her pay cheque must have been a very healthy one! In fact many of her family can be found on a slot game designed by Microgaming, this being The Osbournes Slot which is one of many Celebrity Themed Online Slots.

In fact some long gone celebrities can be found on a range of both land based and online slot games. Elvis Themed Slot Machines can be found in quite large numbers in both the online and land based gaming environment, and when visiting for example places such as Las Vegas you are almost guaranteed to find at the least one slot game in each casino you visit that has the Rock legends image displayed on the slot cabinet or on the reels as symbols.

There have also been many fictional characters used as the theme for many land based and online slot games. Playtech for example have launched a massive and growing range of Marvel Jackpot Slots all of which are themed and based around characters from the Marvel Comic Books.

Whilst companies such as Real Time Gaming, NetEnt and Microgaming have designed and launched many slot games which have their own unique main character symbol on which the entire slot game has been designed.

Should you be interested in learning more about these types of slot games then do take a good look over our Fictional Character Slot Games guide, for you will find plenty of unique looking and great playing slot games on which characters such as Sherlock Holmes can be found.

Are there any Reasons to Avoid Playing Big Named Slots?

You may be contemplating playing an instantly recognizable slot game, but be wondering that if a slot game designer has spent a lot of money securing the rights to design, launch and then supply these types of slots, they may have had to tinkle about with the payout percentages on the slots to make them financially feasible.

It is certainly not cheap designing slot games on which an expensive license has had to be purchased to put together such a slot. However, having taken a look at the certified and published payout percentages on a range of such slots, we are happy to report that there are no major differences in the way these types of slot games play or pay online.

In fact do take a look at a recently added section of our website on which you will find the answer to the question Do Big Name Slot Games Payout Less? We have listed many of the most played and therefore most popular branded and licensed and celebrity endorsed slot machines available online, and alongside each of them you will find the return to player payout percentages on each of them.

The one aspect of playing any online slot game is that you need to track down and locate those games, whether fully branded or not, that offer you the best chances of winning, and as such any slot game that has a payout percentage of ninety six percent or higher is generally a very good choice of game to play.

It is worth noting that some online slot games have RTP’s which have been set in the high eighties parentage range and those are the types of slots you should never consider playing for they will be a constant drain on your slot playing bankroll and you are unlikely to ever get the longer and often more profitable slot playing sessions when playing those types of slot games than you would when sitting down to play those with much higher payout percentages.

Have a good look through the entire collection of slot playing guides linked into the article, as we are more than confident that you will find several of them that will appeal to you and will give you a fun filled slot playing experience.

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