Britney Spears Slot Machine Review

britney-spears-slot-machineThere was no escaping Britney Spear in Las Vegas! Whilst on my recent trip over Christmas in 2015 I never bumped into her in person, but as she is one of the latest “in” themes for a brand new Vegas slot machine you couldn’t help bumping into her namesake slot machine.

Now like her or not, there will come a time when you finally decide to sit down and give the Britney Spear slot game a whirl, and this is what I did after about 7 days of walking past dozens of those slot machines in various casinos.

Not being a fan it did feel a bit “girly” sitting down to play it, however once you send the reels spinning you will find it can be a total enveloping slot due to the way it has been designed. With that in mind below you will find a deep and informative overview of what makes this slot a very playable one.

Just keep in mind that the chair you will be sitting on does vibrate, and as such if you have never played a slot with one of those chairs before you may think there is someone stood behind you shaking it as you play the slot.

The design of the actual slot machines screen is another unusual feature of this slot, for it comes with a curved screen which curves inwards and there are not any other slots which are as tall of as unusual as this one.

Key Features

You have to hand it to Aristocrat who designed the Britney Spears slot machine, they have certainly upped their game in regards to the design of their newest slot games, and no expense has been spared to make this fully branded slot as highly playable as is possible.

You will find it can be a fairly low cost slot to play and that is due to the Britney Spears slot being a penny slot on which you can play for stakes as low as just 50 coins, on an increased increment of 50 coins.

Just make sure that you select a stake you can afford to play it for as you will want to get as many spins in as you can, and below you will find an overview of each of the features which can be triggered and awarded to you as you play this very colourful and loud slot machine.

Random Multiplier – At random as you are playing off a base game spin you could be awarded with a special multiplier, and winning combinations that then spin in via the base game will be increased thanks to that multiplier.

However, when awarded the in play and visible reel symbols and the number of paylines will grow and as such you will always stand a much greater chance of forming one or more winning combinations when the reels increase in size as do the number of activate paylines in play for that spin.

Main Bonus Game – Once you have spun in at least three of the bonus scatter symbols then the best part of this slot game will become apparent. The bonus game will be triggered once those scatter symbols make an appearance and when they do you will be presented with the bonus game screen.

There are both cash awards and additional features that can be awarded to you via that bonus game, you can be awarded with up to three cash awards as the bonus game plays off or you will trigger one of the additional features that are listed and mentioned below.

Oops I did it Again Feature – If during the picking game the Oops I Did it Again bonus round is awarded to you then it will be a set of free spins that you get to play off. The length of the activate reels and pay lines can be increased as they are playing off and extra free spins can be awarded to you too.

Toxic Picks – A pick to win styled bonus feature could be awarded to you via the bonus game, and when it doe you have to pick off potion bottles from the screen to reveal what you have won. An increasing multiplier can come into play during this picking game.

So when triggered make sure you use your picks wisely as some fairly high valued bonus payouts can be awarded to you via this picking game.

Baby One More Time – You may also be awarded with the Baby One more Time bonus game, this will see you being awarded with a number of bonus wheel spins on which can awards, multipliers or additional wheel spins will be awarded to you.

As the screen on this slot game is curved and as you are sat directly in front of it on the vibrating chair you really are going to find the wheel spinning bonus game a truly amazing experience as the wheels spins and then slowly stops in front of you.

Plus with one of Britney Spears songs playing as the bonus games as well as the base game are playing off, if you are a fan of her music then this is certainly a slot machine you are truly going to enjoy playing time and time again.

My Thoughts

As you may have guessed from this review I am certainly no fan of Britney Spears music, however in regards to the slot machine I did actually find it very playable. There does seem to be a high hit frequency of the base and bonus game features, so unlike when you are playing some other slot games you will often find you will be triggering those bonus games and features in quick succession.

You do also seem to spin in plenty of base game winning combinations, and with that in mind make sure you get a comp club card form the land based casino you have chosen to play this slot machine at as you should start racking up plenty of comp points very easily when playing it.

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