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If you consider yourself a blackjack enthusiast and want to play the popular card game for free, you’re on the right page. Here we compare the free and real-money versions and list some of the most popular blackjack variants. Finally, we’ll discuss some playing techniques, such as card counting, and describe some of the most common terms used by blackjack players to help you understand the game better.

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Free blackjack vs real money blackjack

Many online casinos on the web offer playing blackjack for free. It means you only need to open an account (sometimes not even that) and pick a blackjack game you like to start playing. The main advantage of free blackjack is that you get to play as much as you want.

You’ll receive fake money that you can use to place bets and play until you lose all or decide to stop. Even if you lose all your money, the casino of your choice will probably reset your balance if you reload the game. The only downside is that you won’t get any real prizes.

On the other hand, playing real money blackjack requires registering, connecting one of the accepted payment methods, and making a real-money deposit to the online casino of your choice. After you receive the money, all you have to do is select a blackjack game offered on the site and start playing for real.

This time, your prizes will be real, but you also risk losing all your money if you’re not lucky. It’s safe to say that real money blackjack is a bit more exciting than its free counterpart.

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How to play free blackjack

In case you have at least some experience playing blackjack, you probably already know how to play it for free as well. Nevertheless, let’s make a quick step-by-step overview to help you get started.


This is not a necessary step in most cases, but it’s definitely useful as you will be able to switch to real money blackjack easily once you’re a registered user.

PICk a game

Most of the free blackjack variants are RNG games. In other words, live dealer blackjack isn’t available for free.

The first step you need to take is to place a bet. Since it’s free, you don’t have to pay attention to your bankroll. However, we advise being careful as that would help you have better control of your budget if you switch to real money.

After the bets are all placed, the dealer will give each player two face-up cards and will have one face-up and one face-down card in front of him.

Depending on the cards, you get to choose whether to hit, stand, split, double down, and more. You might even take what is known in blackjack an an Insurance.

After you stop receiving cards and the dealer’s other card is turned face-up, it’s time to determine the winner. If you have a stronger hand than the dealer (without busting), you’re the winner.

What are the rules for free blackjack

The main goal of this game is to beat the dealer. The highest score you can have is 21, and that’s called blackjack. If the score is over 21, you lose; same goes for the dealer.

Each card from 2 – 9 is worth its face value. All picture cards, including a 10, are worth 10 points, and an ace can be either 1 or 11.

When you get your initial two cards you need to make your move. The most common moves are hit and stand. If you tell the dealer to hit, it means you want another card. However, if you stand, the dealer stops giving you cards.

Some blackjack games also allow you to split your hand into two separate bets if you have a pair. You can also choose to double down, which means increasing your bet by 100% but having to stand after receiving one more card.

Finally, many free online blackjack variations will allow you to make various side bets, with the most popular one being the insurance bet.

Why play free blackjack games online

Blackjack is not only a game of chance. It’s a game of skill as well. In other words, many professional blackjack players use various strategies in order to make the mathematically best possible decision and minimize the element of chance.

To achieve that, every player needs to practice blackjack and study the available strategies. There are all kinds of charts that can help you improve your game.

Therefore, the main reason why you should play blackjack for free is to master it. Once you feel confident enough, you can switch to real money blackjack and start playing like a pro.

Still, mastering blackjack takes time, so don’t rush your learning process and take time to study all the strategy charts. Apply them when you play blackjack for free as you’ll be allowed to make mistakes then without having to pay for them.

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Card Counting and Blackjack

One of the most popular blackjack techniques is card counting. Although it’s frowned upon by online casinos, this technique could really help you improve your chances in blackjack. Here’s a quick overview of how to do it.

1.Assing a value to every card: once the dealer starts giving you cards, you’ll have to assign a +1, 0, or -1 value to each of them. Cards 2 – 6 are +1, 7 – 9 are 0, and 10 – Ace are - 1.

2.Keep the count: you have to add, subtract or stay on the same number whenever you get the card and keep the count going. For example, if you get a six, you need to add +1 to your count.

3.Learn your true count: in order to avoid losing to players, casinos introduced several decks. However, players found a way around that by introducing the so-called true count, which is calculated like this: running count/decks remaining.
4.Adjust your bets depending on the true count: that’s the whole point of card counting: to know how much you should risk. If the true count is higher, you need to increase your bets and vice versa.

Top 5 blackjack variants

Blackjack is the most popular card game in the world, and that’s why it comes in many shapes and sizes. However, the following five variations are widely regarded as the most popular, and you’re likely to find them for free in online casinos. Let’s check them out.

This type is often referred to as Classic Blackjack since it’s the standard type of the game. What makes it stand out from the pack is that the dealer gets their hole card (face-down) card before players can make any decisions.

The European version of the game comes with more restrictions compared to the American blackjack, and the main difference is that the dealer gets a hole card only after the player makes a decision.

This is the most popular version of the game in the Entertainment Capital of the World, which is why it’s named after the most popular boulevard in Vegas.

This version of the game allows you to place a side bet and win if your initial two cards are a pair.

Players get to play two hands simultaneously during a single round. Moreover, they are allowed to swap the second card between the hands.

Must-know blackjack terms

Like all card games, blackjack has a jargon and terminology of its own. Here we go with some of the must-know key terms.

  • Bust — If your card score is over 21, you bust and lose the hand.
  • Double down — Increase your bet and receive one more hand.
  • Hand — Your cards in the current round.
  • Hit — Instruct the dealer to give you another card.
  • Hole card — The face-down card that the dealer gets.
  • Insurance — A particular bet that helps you insure if the dealer’s face-up card is an ace.
  • Natural — Two cards that form 21 right away.
  • Surrender — Give up your hand and get half of your wager back.
  • Soft hand — Any hand that consists of an ace and another card.
  • Split — Split pairs into two separate hands and make two separate bets on them.
  • Stand — Instruct the dealer to stop giving you cards.
  • Push — A tie.
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