What is Slot Volatility?

Choosing the best online video slot may seem like an easy task. Newcomers to online casinos don’t pay attention to specifics that make some slots different than others. Still, experienced players need to check some things before deciding whether to play a slot or not. One of the things they check first is online slot volatility.

So, what exactly is volatility, and how does it affect video slots? Can it make some games more lucrative than others? Does it affect the payout? Will you have more chances of landing a big win if you choose the slot with the right volatility? Find out answers to all these questions below.

How Volatility Works

Volatility in online slots simply tells you how often you’ll receive prizes when spinning the reels. However, it doesn’t affect the overall payout percentage — let us explain.

Volatility pretty much works like risks. If volatility is high, it means the prizes won’t be very frequent. However, once you manage to win a prize, it will definitely be worth the wait, as your reward will be pretty lucrative. In other words, playing a slot with high volatility means willing to take a certain risk and test your luck in order to get bigger rewards.

On the other hand, there are low volatility slots, which are the exact opposite of the ones with high volatility. It means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to win prizes, but the rewards won’t be that lucrative as in high-volatility games. These are perfect for people who don’t like to take risks.

Nowadays, online slots developers like to experiment with the concept of volatility, so one common type you’ll stumble upon is medium-volatility titles — these balance between the frequency and profitability of prizes.

How to Select a Perfect Slot for You?

If you’re not sure which slot is the right one for you, just try to ask yourself the following question: do you like taking risks in life in general? If you can find enough options that will make you answer positively to it, then you should definitely choose high-volatility slots. However, if you like to play it safe and the final answer is no, then low-volatility slots might be a better option.

We advise trying as many slots as possible to understand how volatility works in practice. Feel free to open an account in an online casino and start playing different games. If you don’t want to spend money while discovering games, don’t worry — most online casinos will let you play slots for free. After all, casino operators are aware that players need some time before finding a perfect game for them.

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Can Volatility Affect the Payout?

Contrary to popular belief, volatility cannot affect the payout of any slot. It just affects the frequency of prizes. However, the payout will be the same for slots of different volatility in the long run if their RTP figure is the same.

RTP stands for Return to Player, and it tells you how much money players get from the money they invest in slots. For instance, an RTP of 95% means you’ll get approximately $95 in prizes, and the game keeps $5 as a fee.

In high-volatility slots, players might not earn anything for hours, and then a lucky player will win $950 after approximately $1,000 was invested.

However, in low-volatility slots, players will win prizes all the time, but in the long run, you’ll see that the overall payout will be 95%.

Luck is still the crucial factor here. If you’re lucky, you’ll land a great win (or several great wins) no matter the volatility. If Lady Luck is not by your side, you’ll lose more than you win. After all, slots are games of chance, and there’s nothing you can do to improve the payout.

Conclusion: Volatility Matters

If volatility doesn’t affect the payout, why does it matter at all? Well, it’s there to meet the needs of various players. Some like high volatility, others enjoy slots with low volatility. After you play enough slots, you’ll develop a taste yourself, and this should help you in your further online casino adventures.

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