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American Roulette is the most popular table game in the United States. The game is also available in several online casinos throughout the world. The American roulette wheel features 38 numbers — 1 to 36, double zero (00), and zero (0). The primary aim of any player in this game is to predict where the roulette ball will land. This article explains the origin of American roulette, the types of bets and payouts, and the most popular variants of the game.

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What types of bets can you place?

When playing the American Roulette game, you need to know the betting options available to enjoy a favorable outcome. American roulette wagering options are categorized into two major bet types: outside and inside bets. We’ll discuss some of them below:

Outside bets

Outside bets concentrate on a combination of numbers, giving players a better chance of winning. Although these bets have lower payouts, they’re less risky. Here are the types of inside bets.

column bet

This bet involves players wagering on a column. American roulette features three columns, and if any of the 12 numbers on your selected column wins, you’ll be paid 2 to1.

Red_black Bet

This betting option involves placing wagers either on every black number or every red number. If you guess the color right, you’ll get a 1 to 1 payout.

Dozen bet

In this bet you can wager on the first 12 numbers (1 to 12), the second 12 numbers (13 to 24), or the third 12 numbers (25 to 36). The bet pays out 2 to 1.


This bet allows you to place your wager on all even numbers or all odd numbers in the wheel. If you win this bet, you’ll also get even money (1 to 1).

Inside bets

These types of bets are made on the inside of an American Roulette table layout. They give players the chance to place wagers on individual numbers. Here are the types of inside bets.

Straight up bet Roulette

This bet allows gamblers to place wagers on a single number, including the double and single zeros. It’s the simplest type of bet, and it pays out 35 to 1.


This type of bet allows gamblers to place a wager on the line that covers a row. That way, they’ll bet on the three numbers in the row. Some additional combinations to this bet include 00, 2, 3; 0, 1, 2, or 0, 00, 2. The bet pays out 11 to 1.

Five Number bet

This bet is available only in American roulette due to the inclusion of double zero, single zero, and numbers 3, 2, and 1. It involves placing your wager between 1 and 0, and it has the highest house edge. 6 to 1 payout.

Split bet

This bet allows gamblers to place their wagers on two adjacent numbers (the line between them). If one of the numbers wins, you will be paid 17 to 1.

What are the payouts of American roulette?

Unlike several other casino games, the probabilities in American roulette are simple to calculate. It’s essential to note and understand the odds of each bet before placing your wager on them. Hence, we recommend studying this American roulette payout table and memorizing it to help you become a more accomplished and smarter player. As we’ve mentioned earlier, the American roulette wheel features 36 numbers, a double zero and a zero. Hence, the ball can land on any of the 38 possible spaces. When you bet on a single number, you’ll have a 1/38 winning chance and a 35:1 payout if you win. Check out the probabilities of each possible outcome in this table.

19 to 3646.371:1
1 to 1846.371:1
1 to 1231.582:1
13 to 2431.582:1
25 to 3631.582:1
Any one number2.632:63
Two number combo5.265:26
Three number combo7.897:89
Four number combo10.5310:53
Six number combo15.7915:19
1,2,3,00,0 combo13.1613:16

Understanding American roulette’s house edge

The house edge in American roulette isn’t particularly favorable for players. It involves 38 numbers since there’s an extra zero (0) on its wheel.

Players have to bet as if the wheel has 36 numbers. That means you would play with 38 numbers but receive a payout on 36 numbers. American roulette pays 2/38 (5.26%) less than it should.

For instance, if you place a wager on a red number, you’d be playing against two green numbers and 18 black numbers. The house enjoys a more favorable advantage here.
In this case, you’ll have a 47.4% (18/38) chance of winning. It may not look much to some players, but your losses would significantly increase if you’re looking to play the game for more extended periods.

The imprisonment variant with American roulette

“En prison” is a French term for imprisonment. Suppose you place an outside bet (even-money), but the ball drops on a single zero. You’ll need to make one of two choices — to lose half of your wager, or allow the imprisonment of your entire wager during the next spin.

The imprisonment implies that a player’s wager will be put aside in the subsequent ball spin. If you win, you’ll be allowed to keep your original bet. But if you lose, you’ll surrender the bet to the house.

For instance, if you place an original wager of $100 on black, and the winning number is zero, your bet will be “imprisoned.” If black wins at the subsequent spin, you’ll recover your original $100 bet. But if black doesn’t win, you’ll surrender the entire $100 wager to the house.

The rule provides you with a second chance as it reduces the house edge by half. That’s why it’s not popular among most online and land-based American casinos.

Most popular American roulette games

You can enjoy different American roulette variations to spice up your interactive gambling adventure. Some of the top software suppliers have provided top-notch varieties to ensure web-based casino players can enjoy a fun and authentic roulette experience. Here are some of the most popular American roulette variations you’ll find online.

American Roulette Gold

Microgaming offers an upgraded version of the classic American roulette game by including exclusive betting features like Red Splits. The game is well-optimized for mobile play.

American Roulette

This roulette variation comes with advanced features like the racetrack option. This feature gives you the chance to place bets on up to eight neighboring positions around your selected number.

Premium Amreican Roulette

This game allows American roulette fans to change the table color (red, classic green, etc.) and change the angle of view. It also allows the changing of the roulette wheel’s spinning direction.

Live American Roulette

Every fan of American roulette should try this live dealer roulette version as it offers a realistic and top-notch gambling experience. You’ll watch as the game plays out from the comfort of your home.

Free & real money American roulette

Whether you decide to play American roulette for free or with real money, it’s essential to understand that each playing mode comes with its benefits as well as drawbacks. Here are the differences between playing the game in demo mode and with real money:

Free roulette

  • You can practice playing the game without losing your money
  • No need to deposit money to play free roulette
  • Ideal for new players who don’t know how to play American roulette
  • You can’t win real money
  • You have limited access to the game portfolio’
  • No registration or setup is required
  • No-deposit bonuses come with strict terms and conditions
  • You don’t have access to live dealer roulette games

Real money roulette

  • You’ll have the chance to win real cash, whether major jackpots or small amounts.
  • You can choose from all the game options
  • Take advantage of re-load and welcome bonuses
  • Suitable for veteran roulette players who know the odds
  • You’ll have the chance to participate in tournaments
  • You can test the various deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Returning real cash players can take advantage of the casino’s loyalty and VIP programs
  • You’ll enjoy better wagering requirements and easily cash out bonus funds

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