Can Casino Operators Manipulate their Slot Machines RTP’s?

thunderstruck-2-slotYou may at one time or another have had a discussion with a friend or a colleague regarding online casino slot playing, and if you enjoy playing online slots for real money and your friend or colleague hasn’t played online then your discussion may have gotten around to the fairness of online gaming.

For as online casinos by their very design are software dependent devices, then as anyone working with computer software will know it can be designed to do whatever the designer of, in this case slot games, wants it to do, and that could mean it is quite easy for a slot game to be somehow rigged or fixed to make a player lose when playing it.

In fact we have found many people who do not play online slot and casino games have this point of view, and will not see the point of playing any form of casino game online and will stick to playing those games in a land based venue, for they are somehow convinced that playing online slots and casino games is a sure fire way to lose due to game manipulation going on behind the scenes.

With this in mind we will now look in much more detail as to whether online casino operators or the people supplying the games to such sites are able to somehow rig, fix or manipulate their casino games.

Adjustable RTP Setting Options

It is common knowledge that some casino software platforms can and do give their operators a choice of just how much their slot games will payout during their life time operation, however this has only proven to be the case at casinos that utilize the Real Time Gaming platform, and this ability to adjust the payout percentages of their slot games is not as cloak and dagger as it may seem.

An operator of a Real Time Gaming software powered online casino site is given three options in regards to the payout percentages that their respective slot games available only in their casino site can payout at.

These three figures are in the mid to high RTP areas, and as such they cannot drop the RTP’s down to the very low 70 percent rate that for example land based slot game operators in UK venues are legally permitted to do.

In fact the three most commonly available payout percentages that can be attached to any Real Time Gaming slot games are 91.00%, 95.00% and 97.50%, whilst there are one or two exceptions these are the most commonly available RTP settings for the Real Series range of online video slot games.

It should be pointed out that they cannot adjust these payouts on the hoof to certain players, they need to be requested and then put into play.

You may find this ability to adjust the long term expected payout percentages of Real Time Gaming slot games unusual, however there is a reason for them being offered, and this is due to the fact that many RTG powered online casino sites offer a high bonus type of operation, and as such to compensate for many casinos using this gaming platform giving away constant high valued deposit match bonuses they will then set their slots on the lowest RTP setting.

Un-Adjustable Payout Percentages

When you choose to play slot games at casinos using NetEnt, Playtech or Microgaming software, to name but a few, then it is worth us pointing out that the operators of these online casinos have no way what so ever of adjusting the payout percentages on their slot machines.

All three of these software and casino game providers will launch a slot game with one payout percentage attached to them and will never change those RTP’s.

Some players have commented that when playing online slots and they experience a very profitable slot playing session and make a sizeable cash out, the next few slot playing sessions they have are poor paying ones, and this leads them to believe their individual payout percentage has somehow been lowered.

This is not possible on the more well known online casino software providers range of slot games, and this is down to luck alone, however it should be noted that after a winning slot playing session many players tend to play any subsequent sessions playing for much higher stake levels than they normally would, and this is often the reason they seem to lose much quicker and more often when they have experienced a winning session.

Playing Online Slot Games Sensibly

If you do choose to play slot games online, then there are certain ways of playing them that will ensure your money goes a little bit further and you are never tempted to lose back huge chunk of any previously accumulated winnings way too quickly.

The first thing you need to do, more so when you fancy playing Real Time Gaming slot games online is to track down the sites whose slot games are set to return to highest payout percentages, even if this means you may not be able to claim huge bonuses when you make a deposit at those sites.

All casino bonuses require you to make and exceed a play through requirement before you can cash out any winnings, and the play through requirement is not plucked out of the air, it has been chosen to give the house a winning edge, and as such by refusing bonuses and opting to play the better paying slot games then you are going to be able to cash out at any point should you have had a winning session.

Finally if you do have a profitable slot playing session, then never be tempted to increase the stake levels you are playing each spin of the slot reels for, as this way of playing is going to be a high risk one and one that could see your casino account balance and those winnings you accumulated quickly dwindling away once the slots turn cold and those winning combinations do not spin in as regularly as there were doing.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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