Can I Count Cards When Playing Online Blackjack?

live-dealer-blackjackCounting cards when playing Blackjack is going to take you some time and effort in regards to being able to do it successfully, and when you can count cards you may then be considering trying out your skills at an online casino.

However, you are going to be disappointed when playing at all software driven casino sites online for their real money Blackjack games are not only controlled by a random number generator that is going to determine just which cards are going to be dealt out, but the cyber deck of playing cards is shuffled before a new game is set into play which means even though you can count cards online it will not be worth doing due to the deck always being shuffled at the start of a new game.

You can however count cards when you are playing at one of the newer Live Casino sites online, for these sites use real life Dealers who are dealing our physical cards much like in a land based casino, the only different between land based Blackjack games and the Live Blackjack games is that you play them remotely and watch the gaming action via a video stream.

So if you have mastered the art of counting cards you are only going to be able to put your skills to good use when you play at a Live Online Casino site or when you visit a land based casino site and sadly you will not be able to count cards at Blackjack when playing at the majority of online casino sites.

How to Improve Your Winning Chances

Even though you are not going to be able to count cards playing Blackjack at online casinos that are software driven, there are many valuable hints and playing tips that we are able to pass onto you in the hope you can increase your winning chances when you do decide to give online Blackjack playing a try.

Have a look through the following sections for when you take note of each of them and use them as part of your online Blackjack playing strategy then you will instantly increase your chances of ending any one single Blackjack playing session in profit, which is of course what every level headed and sensible Blackjack player should be looking to do.

Low House Edge

You are going to have to spend a little time taking a very close look at the playing structure when you intend to play Blackjack online for when you do you are going to notice some huge differences in regards to the playing rules and payouts available on all of the many different variants available online.

The house edge is what the casino is expected to make as profit on any Blackjack game they offer over the long term, and as far as a player goes he or she will be looking to play the variant on which they are playing against a very low house edge.

Checkout the 0.13% house edge Blackjack game at Microgaming powered sites which is the Classic Blackjack game or should you be playing at a Playtech powered casino site then it is their Blackjack Switch game which comes with the lowest house edge which is 0.16%, by avoiding the higher house edge games you will have a better chance of winning, it really is as simple as that.

Winning Payouts

The standard payout for a winning Blackjack hand is of course 3 to 2 and this is awarded to players who have been dealt any Ace and any 10 valued playing cards and that hand is not matched by the Dealers hand.

Some online casinos shave a little of their winning payouts awarded to players for an unmatched Blackjack hand and as such please avoid playing any Blackjack games which offers a 6 to 5 payout as opposed to the standard 3 to 2 payout as that 6 to 5 payout is lower in value and will eat away at your bankroll.

Bonus bets are also available on many newer variants of online Blackjack but do be aware that the bonus payouts that you can be awarded when placing these additional bets when you get dealt out certain hand combinations may seem very generous but they are always poor valued wagering opportunities which will have very high house edges attached to them, so never be tempted to place such a wager no matter how high the payouts may seem.

Perfect Strategy

You are only going to have a realistic chance of ending any Blackjack playing session in profit if you are playing that variant optimally, there are so many mistakes that a player can make when playing Blackjack either online or in a land based casino that you have to truly master the game you are playing.

The easiest away that you can get to grips with the finer playing points of any Blackjack game variant is for you to acquire a Blackjack strategy card for the variant you are playing, these are readily available online and when you have got one you will then be able to refer to the card to see how to play any hand that had been dealt out to you perfectly.

We cannot stress just how important it is for you to fully learn the correctly playing strategy for playing Blackjack as any playing errors you make is going to have a negative effective on your winning chances, so spend as much time as is required learning to play Blackjack optimally and perfectly.

All of the online casinos we have listed on our website not only have a huge suite of different Blackjack game variants but you will also find that you can readily access those games completely free of charge, so if you are new to playing Blackjack online get stuck into playing them for free to enable you to get the playing experience required to master playing any particular Blackjack game variant that interests you.

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