Can Online Casino Games Malfunction?

dont-panicBeing as there are thousands of different casino games available to play instantly online, then one question that may cross your mind when you are playing any of them is whether they can malfunction, and either award you with too much money, or conversely not pay you out correctly.

This is of course a very good question and one that may have crossed your mind, and in this article we are going to take a look at how online casino games in the past have malfunctioned and how the casinos that have had such games available will correct this situation.

Common Ways for Casino Games to Malfunction

When you are playing some online slot machines for real money you may experience a time when the game appears to lock down, for example when you are playing card games and you have hit the Deal button or one of the betting option buttons nothing happens, or when you are playing Roulette the wheel just keeps on spinning and never stops, or if you are playing slot games and have clicked on the Spin button the reels of the slot start to spin but then do not come to a stop.

This is usually down to you losing your internet connection, or possibly the casino software has requested an outcome from the random number generator controlling that particular game and the request has not been completed.

In cases such as these you will find that by simply logging out of the casino and then logging in again the malfunction will correct itself, and the cards will then be dealt out or the outcome of the Roulette or Slot spin will be displayed on your screen when you launch that particular game.

It is worth being aware of the fact that should you lose your internet connection as you are playing out a bonus type of feature or bonus game on a slot machine, you will be able to carry on playing it from the point you left off when you re-log into the casino and launch the game again.

Incorrect Winning Payouts

Fortunately when you are playing at the better known and longer established online gaming platforms such as those available at casino sites using Microgaming, Playtech or NetEnt, all of their individual casino games have been put through a long beta testing period, and as soon as they are launched they play and pay as they should, and you will never experience any kind of payout errors.

However occasionally it has been found that due to the casino software becoming corrupted when you are downloading some gaming platforms, or the games in that platform are being updated as they regularly are, some display errors could possibly creep in.

This could have the effect of making it appear that you have been dealt out a certain playing card or have spun in a set of winning reel symbols on a slot game, when the opposite is in fact true. Should you ever experience such an occurrence when playing online then you should double check the outcome of the game you just played via the online gaming logs most casinos sites give you access too, for those logs will display what should have been the outcome of that particular game.

If you find you ever do experience any kind of graphic and display error when playing at any online casino sites then un-install the casino software and then reinstall it from scratch as by doing so any display error should vanish with the newly downloadable software.

Game Design Errors

There have been a few problems recently with the way in which some of the lesser well known online casino game suppliers casino games have been designed, and this has led to numerous complaints from players stating that when they had been dealt a winning hand on some casino card games they did not receive the correct winning payouts.

Also some slot machines which have been designed by lesser well known casino game designers have been found to have had some reel symbols missing from certain reels, which therefore make it impossible for players of those games to win the entire pay tables’ listed winning payouts.

This is sadly a risk that online casino game players are going to take if they opt to play at casino sites powered by untested and unlicensed gaming platforms and casino game software companies, and this is something you as an online casino player will never want to experience.

With that at the forefront of your mind please do make sure that whenever you are playing at an online casino site you opt for casinos offering gaming platforms which have been granted a full gambling license from a gaming authority known for their high standards, and always check the casino websites for casino games testing company certificates.

For all online casinos worth their salt will display such certificates that prove beyond any doubt that all of their games are fair and work as they should do and each one has been independently tested as being such.

One major online casino game testing company is TST, and whenever you come across an online casino site that displays a verification logo from this company you know you are never going to experience any problems with the games that casino offers.

What to Do if a Casino Game Malfunctions

Should you experience anything strange or unusual happening when you are playing any online casino game, then as soon as you notice an error of any type occurring you should immediately stop playing that game, and ideally leave the current game loaded onto your computer screen.

If you can take a screenshot of the error (this is how to do it on a PC and this is how to do it on a Mac) and then launch the instant customer support chat facility for the casino you are playing at or contact them immediately by phone, by doing so the casino support staff should be able to see the problem you are having, and by taking a screenshot of the error they will be able to investigate it for you if they cannot rectify the error instantly.

Any top class online casino site will always ensure that you are never out of pocket should a playing error occur, more so if you report that error immediately and give them as much detail about it as you can.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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