Can Online Roulette Games Have Biased Wheels?

rouletteYou may have seen players sat around a land based Roulette game keeping track with a pen and a piece of paper all of the numbers that have been spun in, and the reason they are doing this is often in the hope that they discover the Roulette wheel is slightly biased.

When a Roulette Table has been in the same venue and position for many years it can often become slightly worn, and if the casino at which it is located at does not service that Roulette Wheel regularly then the wear and tear the Wheel gets over time could result in one set of numbers spinning in more than others due to it tilting slightly to one side.

Whilst any land based casino with an experienced security team and team of experienced managers will have their Roulette games always kept fully serviced and operating correctly there have been times in the past when some players have spotted a biased Roulette Wheel and will take full advantage of it by only placing wagers on the group of numbers that spin in more regularly than others.

One question that a lot of online Roulette game players ask is whether online Roulette games can become biased, and as the outcome of most online Roulette games are controlled by a random number generator then a biased wheel is of course not possible when playing these types of games, however as many casinos now offer Live Roulette games you may be wondering whether one of those Roulette Wheels could become biased.

Well to answer your question a Live Roulette Wheel is as unlikely to become biased as most land based wheels, for the security in place in these venues are water tight and part of the daily routine for such games is to have their Roulette games checked and double checked and serviced regularly.

If you do wish to play Roulette online then instead of wasting your time looking for a biased game have a look through the following different Roulette game variants you will find offered at all online casinos for one of these games will give you a much better chance of winning than the others.

Which Roulette Games Should I Play Online?

With you being able to access lots of different types of Roulette games online if you do not have a good understanding of which ones are playable and which ones are not worth playing then you may inadvertently start to play a variant that comes with a higher house edge than other variants which will quite simply cost you money over the long term.

The one game that is never worth playing is American Roulette, two zeros, both a single and double zero are found on the wheel of this Roulette game and as none of the payouts are increased in value when comparing this variant to single zero Roulette game variants then the house edge attached to this game is high and unattractive, for reference the house edge on this game is a huge 5.26%, which may not seem that high but if you keep on reading you will find out it is high.

The European Roulette game variant offers a very reasonable and low house edge which is just 2.70%, and as such that is much lower than the American variant, and the difference between this variant and the American variant is there is just one single zero in play on the wheel, so this is a game you will be interested in playing should you want more winning opportunities.

There is an even lower house edge online and land based Roulette game variant that you will come across and this is the French Roulette game. This game is almost identical to the European Roulette game in as much as there is one zero on the wheel and all of the betting locations pay out the same amounts as the European variant, but there are some rules in play on the game which affect the payouts whenever a zero is spun in.

Should you have wagered on any one or more of the even money paying betting locations on the betting layout of the French Roulette game variant and then a zero is spun in you are not going to lose your wagered stakes on those betting locations, depending on which variant of French Roulette you are playing one of two ruled will then come into play both of which reduce the house edge on all even money paying locations to just 1.35%.

The first playing rule which affects the even money paying betting locations each and every single time a zero spins in will see you getting half of those wagers back. But the other rules found attached to a lot of French Roulette games will instead of you getting half of your stakes back will see even money paying bets not being removed from the betting layout as losing one’s when a zero spins in but they stay in play for the nest spin.

If the next spin has another zero being spun in they will then stay in play for the next spin, should you have bet on Red for example and then after the zero has been spun in a Red number is spun in then your Red bet is paid out, as usual at odds of even money.

Any online or in fact mobile or land based Roulette game variant that forces you or gives you the option of playing a bonus type of wager in additional to your standard bets often comes with a poor paying set of payouts, by poor paying we do mean that the odds attached to some of the bonus winning payouts may seem attractive, however the house edge attached to these types of bonus bets and wagers will always be much higher than your standard bets and wagers and as such you should avoid placing such wagers.

This is also true for any Roulette game that offers a progressive jackpot, the contribution you pay for any bonus bet to have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot will increase the house edge quite significantly.

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