Can Progressive Jackpots be won in Quick Succession?

mega-moolah-jackpotThere are a lot of questions that anyone considering playing online progressive slot games may be looking for answers to and one that is asked quite regularly is whether a slot game that offers a progressive jackpot is likely to award two or even more jackpots in quick succession, and if a player could win a large jackpot one minute and then he or she or another player wins another progressive jackpot again on the same machine in a short period of time.

To be perfectly honest anything is possible when playing online slots, and this is due to them being completely random. You can sometimes find a slot which is renowned for paying its jackpot at regularly intervals may occasionally go for a long period of time before it spins in the progressive jackpot paying combination and then pays out another quite quickly after that huge jackpot was won.

Recent Quick Succession Online Slot Game Jackpots

Below we have listed some of the most played online progressive slots which have recently awarded their respective progressive jackpots twice in a very short amount of time, and as such these may be the slot games you next look to play online when you fancy trying your luck at winning a huge cash jackpot.

We compiled the following listing on the 30th of March 2014 and as such the following facts and figures are based on jackpots won in the days running up to that date.

Cash Splash Slot – Two very large progressive jackpots were won on Microgaming’s Cash Splash slot six and eight days ago, the first jackpot that was won was worth £57,208 followed by the second jackpot two days later which saw one lucky player winning £64,474.

This slot game is available to play on several different gaming platforms and can be played on both a video slot which boasts 15 paylines or via a 3 reel classic slot with one payline. However, both versions share the same jackpot pool so a player can win that jackpot playing any variant.

Fruit Fiesta Slot – Quite often a slot game that offers you the chance of winning a progressive jackpot will not award its top prize payout for a large number of days and when that jackpot finally is won it is large in value, and then in a very short period of time the jackpot gets won again but the second winner will get a much smaller winning payout.

This was certainly the case 11 days ago when a player finally got the Fruit Fiesta Slot to award its jackpot and the player bagged a huge £54,243, then the following day another player lined up the jackpot paying combination and walked off with a jackpot worth £8,916, proving beyond any doubt progressive jackpot slots can and do often award their jackpot payouts in quick succession.

Mega Moolah Slot – As the Mega Moolah slot has four progressive jackpots and two of them are very low valued it is the third and fourth highest valued progressives that you will be hoping to win when you play any slot in the Mega Moolah slot game series.

Lightening did strike twice two days ago for one player managed to win the Mega Moolah Major jackpot and won £23,948 then twelve hours later another player hit the jackpot again and won £10,411 on the Major Jackpot, not as large as the first jackpot and only £411 above the seed value but once again this is proof you just never know when and how much a slot game is going to payout via its progressive jackpot.

Magic Slots – Playtech have a range of progressive slots known as Magic Slots, these slots come with different stake levels and therefore offer different sized jackpots depending on which slot you choose to play.

Taking a look back over the previous winners of the progressive jackpot offered on this slot we notice that the 25 cent game’s jackpot was won in fairly quick succession 125 days ago! One player won a jackpot worth $15,359 and then 18 hours later another player playing the same 25 cent version of the slot spun in a jackpot worth $11,994.

Marvel Jackpot Slots – One final series of slot games which may be worth you playing if you are in the mood to try your luck at progressive jackpot awarding slot games are the Marvel Jackpot series of slots found in Playtech software powered casino sites.

As there are so many of these types of slot games available and they all offer the same four different progressive jackpots you will find that all of the jackpots can and very often are won in very quick succession, and as such these really are the most played progressive slots which everyone should consider giving some play time to when they have a feeling Lady Luck is going to shine on them.

Progressive Video Poker Games – As you will come across many different types of Video Poker game variants which offer a progressive jackpot you may be wondering if it is possible to win the jackpot on these types of games in quick succession.

Having looked through our data base of jackpot winners the only set of two recent progressive jackpots awarded on this type of casino game in a short amount of time was 15 days ago and 22 days ago, so there was a seven day gap in the jackpots being awarded however each player did win over £50,000 each so it was certainly worth the wait.

High Seed Value Progressive Slot Jackpots

There are however some progressive slot games that will vary rarely if ever award their progressive jackpots at very regular intervals or in quick succession, and these are usually the slot games which have the highest seed values.

The seed values are what the progressive jackpot resets itself to once it has been won, take the Mega Moolah slot, when the Mega Jackpot is won the jackpot will reset to a large £1,000,000.00 and we cannot remember when a player won that jackpot and then another player managed to win it in a short amount of time thereafter.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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