Can You Tell When Free Spins Will Trigger on a Slot Machine?

immortal-romance-slot-free-spins2We have covered everything you could ever need to know about free spins awarding slot games in our series of articles and playing guides linked into our Complete Guide to Free Spins Bonus Games.

As the title of this particular guide suggests, in it we are going to answer the age old question of is there any way that you can tell when a slot game is going to award its free spins bonus round! Now this is often a topic of hot debate between more experienced and sometime novice slot game players as some people are convinced it is possible whilst some think it is in no way possible for a slot to give away some tells in regards to when a free spins round will trigger.

Slots with the Feature Guarantee

Now when you are playing slot games at casinos powered by Real Time Gaming software, you are going to come across a huge collection of slots many of which can and will award their free spins to you at various times during any one session you play.

However, this software and casino game designer does indeed have a range of slots that you can rely on to give you a set of free spins at certain times during your session. These slots all have attached to them an additional feature which is known as the Feature Guarantee.

When playing any slot with this feature attached will be guaranteed of triggering the free spins round at the very least once every 150 spins. In fact in the top right hand corner of the slot games screen you will see a small animated meter, which will all you to keep track of how many base game spins you have played, and once you reach 150 spins if the free spins haven’t been awarded then the slot will trigger the feature for you without having to spin in any scatter or bonus symbols.

Standard Free Spin Awarding Video Slots

Some players who are playing any other type of slot game other than the ones listed in the above section, are convinced that when they are playing a slot on which they get a lot of scatter symbols spinning in but never the required number to trigger the free spins game, that is a sign that in a short number of additional spins the free spins bonus game will eventually be triggered.

So if they play several base game spins and get lots of spins with two scatters spinning in, then it is only going to be, in their minds, a matter of time before the main bonus game get triggered.

This however is complete nonsense as you are never going to be able to predict with any type of accuracy when you can be awarded the free spins bonus game just by you keeping track of how many non winning base game spins spun in containing two scatter symbols and the frequency of spins that awarded just two scatter symbols.

So should you hear a slot player sat near you in a land based casino proclaiming that they are soon going to be awarded the free spins as they are getting lots of base game spins on which two scatters have appeared, then smile sweetly and just agree with them, to save any arguments.

High Paying Free Spins Rounds Follow Low Paying Ones?

Another aspect of playing free spins bonus game awarding video slots which come people have noticed and believe to be true as to the way these types of slots operate, is that when you experience a very poor paying free spins bonus feature round you are then going to experience a much higher one when you next trigger that feature.

It is perfectly feasible that you could trigger a very low paying free spins round, and then in a short amount of time when the bonus game is next awarded you get a much better payout once the free spins have finally all played off.

However, the opposite is also true and you may get a high paying free spins round followed by a poor paying one. In fact as video slot games are completely random it is possible to get lots of low paying free spin round on the trot or lots of high paying free spins round being awarded to you.

So the only thing that you can be guaranteed of when playing these types of slot games is randomness! You are never going to be able to predict whether the next free spins round is going to be a high or low paying one, in fact if you could then it would put off players from playing a slot that has just paid out a large sum of cash via a bonus free spins feature round.

Just Play and Hope for the Best

As long as you always put into play a sensible staking strategy when playing any free spins awarding slot games either online or in la land based casino, then you should have a lot of fun and winning opportunities when playing them.

Never end up turning into a player who believes in any of the myths you often hear slot players discussing, for if you do that can often affect the actual way you play slots, and could see you entertainment and also your winning chances diminish as you will tend to play those slots slightly differently if you believe they are going to only award you with this or that based on previous slot spin played during any one session.

A slot games free spins round will be awarded to you when the slot awards it, and in most cases apart from the slots offering the Feature Guarantee this will be when randomness dictates it, so never believe the outcome of any previous spins is going to have a direct affect on your yet to be played spins in that session.

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