Online Casino Card Games with an Ante Bet

Being able to instantly be able to play a diverse range of different casino card games is one of the main attractions to many players of the online gaming environment. However, with there being such a large range of different card games on offer you are often going to find that some of the most unusual and unique card games will force you to place something known as an ante bet to send the game into live play.

An ante bet is simply a wager that you will be obliged to play to get dealt out an initial hand of cards of some casino card games, and once dealt out you then have to place another wager or a series of wagers to continuing playing that hand.

However, once you have been dealt out your initial hand after placing your ante bet you will then be given an option of folding your hand, but by doing so you will lose the ante bet you placed.

It is usually the casino poker card games which force players to place an ante bet, however there is going to be a winning payout awarded to you should you have be deemed to be the winning one in regards to both your initial ante bet and also any additional wagers you have placed on your hand when playing it out to its conclusion, and those winning payouts can be huge.

Best Card Games to Play with an Ante Bet

Below we are going to introduce you to a range of casino poker card games all of which require you to place an ante bet, and we will enlighten you as to what makes each of those games unique and what is on offer by way of winning payouts should you decide to give any of them some play time online.

3 Card Poker Games – You will find that most online casinos will offer you their own version of the 3 Card Poker game, and this is in fact a game on which you are able to place two different wagers both of which will award their own unique set of pay lines.

The ante game is probably the one which will appeal to you the most and by placing your ante bet you will then be dealt out three initial cards, the aim is for your hand to be a higher valued hand that the three card hand the dealers has dealt out to his hand.

Whenever you hand does beat the dealers your ante bet and the additional play bet you have to place to continue playing that hand are going to receive a winning payout, but even if the dealers hand does not qualify by having at least a Queen card in that hand you still receive a winning payout of even money on your ante bet whilst you play bet is returned to you as a push.

Casino War – One casino card game which is very unique and could see you winning based on the value of just one single card dealt out to you is the game of Casino War, to play this game online you first hand to place an ante bet and once placed and once you click on the dealer button you and the dealer are then dealt out one single hand.

The hand with the highest value hand will be deemed to be the winning one and if it is you then you will receive an even money payout. Should the hands both tie with the same valued card being dealt out to them then you have to go to war and that will entail you placing another wager equal to your ante bet to carry on playing in the hope the next card dealt out to your hand is higher than the one that is dealt out to the dealer, however you can opt to surrender your hand and lose half of its value if the first hand is tied and you do not wish to continue playing off that hand to the second stage of the game.

However, by continuing playing not only will you receive an even money winning payout if your second card finally beats the dealers second card, but if that second card you both are dealt out is a matching valued card a 2 to 1 bonus payout is awarded on your ante bet.

High Speed Poker – Multi hand casino card games are always popular with some players, and if you are looking for a game offering a multi hand format and one that is very easy to play then take a look at the High Speed Poker game which has recently gone live in Microgaming Casinos, for this game is going to offer you both an ante bet option whilst offering a range of bonus payouts once you have been dealt out certain hand combinations.

Once you place your ante bet on the High Speed Poker game you will be dealt out three initial cards to each of the hands you have placed that wager on, you can play five hands per game by the way.

The aim of this game is for your hand to beat the dealers hand however the dealer will need to get a hand worth at least a Queen high for that hand to qualify. If the dealers hand does not qualify and you have placed both an ante and play bet then your play bet is returned to you as a push and your ante bet is paid out at even money.

However, if you place both and ante bet and a play bet and the dealers hand does go on to qualify if your hand beats the dealers and your hand is value at a 3 of a kind hand your ante bet bonus payout is 4 to 1, which rises to a winning payout worth 7 to 1 if your hand is a Straight Flush valued hand.

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