Single Hand and Multi Hand Casino Card Games

Blackjack-TableThere can often be several advantages to be had by you playing more than one hand of cards when playing certain casino card games, and to enlighten you on what card games are available online in both single and multi hand playing formats we have put together the following guide.

Whilst you may be familiar with some of the games we are about to showcase to you, several of them are unique to certain online casinos utilizing specific gaming platforms, and as such this should be an interesting guide should you be looking for something completely different to play.

Card Games Offering Single and Multi Hand Variants

Always be aware that it is the house edge which is calculated taking in account things such as the payouts, possible hand combinations and the number of decks in play along with the specific Dealer and Player rules that will ultimately determine whether one card game is more playable in regards to giving you the maximum winning opportunities than another similar sounding game.

Blackjack – Plenty of Blackjack game variants are to be found online, in both a single hand and multi hand playing structure, but there are a few things that you need to be aware of when playing certain multi hand Blackjack games online.

Take Microgaming’s most popular single hand game for example the house edge of this variant is low at just 0.13% when players utilize perfect playing strategy, however the multi hand variant has a much higher house edge due to there being more cards in the deck, so when you are playing at a site powered by this industry leading software and online casino game designer always avoid the multi hand variant and play the single hand game instead.

3 Card Poker Games – You will come across several different types of Three Card Poker games online, many sites offer both single and multi hand variants, an some casinos often give this game a slightly different name, however the playing structures are the same on all variants, and as such you can play the standard game or the Additional Ante bet, both games can be played individually or you can play them both together.

The main aspect of these multi and single hand variants that you need to pay attention to is the actual payout odds offered on each possible winning hand combination. These will differ depending at which site you are playing at so always make a note of the payouts that are attached to every winning hand combination and make a beeline for the higher paying games for the house edges attached to those games will be lower and thus you have a better long term chance of winning.

High Speed Poker – Microgaming have recently launched on of their graphically enhanced Gold Series games which is called the High Speed Poker game. This is basically a multi hand version of the Three Card Poker game and when playing it you can put into live play up to 5 hands per single game played.

Hold ‘Em High Poker – Another interesting casino card game variant that Microgaming have recently launched, which may or may not appeal to you is the Hold ‘Em High Poker game variant, this is a single hand game on which an Ante bet and an optional Bonus type wager can be placed before you play off each hand.

Do take a look at this new game for it does offer some quite generous payouts, however as is usually the case when playing any game offer a bonus bet, the house edge attached to the bonus wager is high and can often offset the high payouts this wager can award to you, but none the less it is a great game to play when you are seeking a newly structured online casino card game.

Pontoon – One particular casino card game that has been around for a very long time is the game of Pontoon. You could possibly have played this game at home with friends or family, however sadly it is now nowhere as near as popular as it used to be. You can of course still play this card game online as most of the online casinos using one of the more well known gaming platforms have a couple of version of this game on offer.

You will find both a single hand and multi hand version of pontoon on offer at casinos powered by Microgaming, and should you fancy giving it a whirl then make sure you put into play perfect playing strategy for by doing so you will be up against a moderately low house edge of just 0.41%.

However, it may pay for you to play Pontoon at a Playtech powered online casino site for by doing so their game offers a long term house edge of 0.38% which is ever so slightly lower than the house edge attached to Microgaming’s version of this game! NetEnt casinos also offer a Pontoon game but the house edge of their variant is a huge one working out at 0.73%.

Blackjack Switch – One very unique type of Blackjack game variant you will find offered at our Playtech software powered online casinos is the Blackjack Switch Game. The way this game has been structured and designed is completely unique.

When you wish to play this game you are required to play two unique hands, both of which do of course required their own stake, however what you are going to be able to do once the Dealer s has dealt out two initial cards to each of your hands, it to swap one card from each hand to the other.

As soon as you truly master the way this games works, and can put into play a perfect playing strategy, then you are going to benefit forma house edge which is tiny working out at a low 0.16%, and that makes it a highly playable and attractive card game to any serious online Blackjack game player.

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