Casino Card and Table Games on Android

Forget about playing any type of casino card or table game on an Android App which is only for entertainment purposes only. Many players new to the mobile gaming environment make the mistake of downloading an App which will only give them access to free play games, and those Apps will charge you to buy additional credits when you run out of them, which is something no Microgaming mobile casino site is every going to force you do.

When you download any Android Casino App from our featured Microgaming mobile casinos, of which we have several listed further down this web page, you can play their card and table games for free with an unlimited supply of free play credits, or if you want to get stuck into playing their range of card and table games for real money you will, as a new player, get an additional sign up bonus which will increase your bankroll instantly.

European Blackjack Gold – You are going to find the Gold Series European Blackjack game variant is offered by Microgaming powered mobile casinos, and this game is both stunning in its look and style thanks to a set of enhanced graphics and it is very easy to play on any Android device due to the way you simply have to tap your screen to place your wagers and then make any initial and ongoing betting decisions.

This variant only has two decks in the shoe and with optimal play you are going to get the house edge of this game down to a very low 0.42%. You will have a very wide spread of staking options offered on this game irrespective of just which mobile casino site you play it at.

Plus it will be worth you shopping around when looking for a site to play it at as Blackjack comps will also be awarded to you for your real money action at different rates at various casinos, so find one offering you the largest number of comps and the lowest redemption rates.

European Roulette Gold – You can often be left feeling somewhat deflated when you play some Android compatible Roulette games, for some suppliers and designers of these games have not really made them as graphically enhanced as they ought to be.

You will get no pleasure what so ever from an Android Roulette game variant if you are not able to see the game playing out perfectly and this includes being able to monitor and clearly track the ball in play. By sticking to playing the Gold Series European Roulette game offered by Microgaming powered casinos you will note instantly just how much time and effort has gone into designing this game.

Much like the Blackjack game above this European Roulette game has a full range of different staking options on offer, and you place all of your wagers onto the betting layout and set the ball into live play simply by tapping the screen of your Android device.

Tips for Playing Android Blackjack Games Optimally

You will be looking to win when you play any type of Android Blackjack game, and the only way that you will have a realistic chance of doing so is by playing the variant you have launched and loaded onto your Android device with the best strategy in play for that variant.

Below you will find three very easy to remember tips which you should not only take note of but put into action when you have chosen to play the European Blackjack Gold Series game which you will find offered at all Android casino sites using Microgaming’s state of the art gaming platform.

Never Take Insurance – The Insurance side bet option is one which should never be taken, for this particular completely optional side bet wager may seem a generous paying one as it will return a winning payout of 2 to 1 if you place it and then the Dealers hand is a Blackjack hand, but its house edge is massive and will diminish even the largest of players bankrolls over time.

Splitting Pairs – When faced with any pair of Aces you should always be prepared to split them into two new hands. This is the best and most optimal way of playing that hand and when you are playing Android Blackjack always leave enough in your account as to allow you to split a pair of Aces should they be dealt out to you, as not splitting them is the incorrect playing strategy and that is going to be the only option available to you if you do not have enough cash reserves in your casino account to split them.

Also another pair of cards which many players tend to misplay is a pair of 10 valued cards. You should never be tempted to split such a hand and form two new hands with them, for no matter what card you may see as the Dealers up facing card, the correct playing strategy always calls for you to stand those 10’s.

House Edge – The only way you are going to get the house edge down to the expected 0.42% offered by the European Blackjack game variant is by playing each and every hand you are dealt perfectly. So make sure you learn to play optimal strategy, which shouldn’t be too difficult as you will find strategy cards readily available which are going to show you the correct way to play every hand dealt out to you when playing this variant.

Where to Play Android Casino Games

If you wish to play any of the casino card and table games above then you will find links below to several of our top rated mobile and online casino site reviews, all of which offer those games.

Be aware though that you are unable to play the range of Microgaming Android casino games if you are living in the US, and if you are then we can highly recommend the Lucky Red Casino who have just launched a brand new Android casino site and accept all US based players to sign up and play their range of games for free or for real money.

RedBet Casino – You should get an unsurpassed type of Android casino game playing session when playing at the Red Bet Casino site, and for a limited time only you are going to find a massive sign up bonus is available to you should you decide to give their newly launched Android compatible mobile casino site a try.

Go Wild Casino – As many casino game players whether they are playing mobile casino games or online casino games are looking for the maximum playing value from their bankrolls, we would like to introduce you to the Go Wild Casino site, which is famed for their often very generous ongoing player bonuses and special promotional offers.

Whilst you will of course be able to take advantage of a generous welcome bonus offer, by becoming a regular playing at this long established casino site you will find there are never any shortages of player promotions available to you and that is the key to getting much longer playing sessions and of course more chances of ending your playing sessions in profit, checkout our review of this casino site for more details of what they have on offer.

Platinum Play Casino – You are going to be able to access the Platinum Play Casinos range of Android casino games in two different ways should you decide to become a new player of theirs. You can of course download their Casino App directly onto your mobile device, and then whenever you wish to play their range of games you simply need to tap on the App and it will launch and load and then you can play any of their games which takes your fancy.

However, if you are rapidly running out of storage space on your Android device, then a much better option for you would be to simply visit their mobile website on your mobile devices web browser and by doing so you can play an instant play range of games which will not need downloading and those games all play in your web browser.

Royal Vegas Casino – One final Microgaming software powered casino site where you are going to play either of the two different Gold Series card and table games listed above is the Royal Vegas Casino site. This is a very long established casino and one that is currently offer a large bonus to all new real money players.

Be aware that all bonuses offered by Android casino sites come with lots of terms and conditions, but those attached to the Royal Vegas Casinos bonuses are very generous and come with some very low play through requirements, so it may be worth your while visiting their site or our review of this mobile casino site for details of just what else is on offer, for you will find their additional range of games large in number and their bonuses are certainly beatable.

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