Casino and Poker Workout

Many players would swear that gambling is the most thrilling sport they ever practiced. You may not get an Olympic medal any time soon, but these games do make the heart go racing.

Just like in any other sport, some players would stop at nothing to be the ones up there on the winner’s stand, and their always willing to give it an extra push. We salute these players, who make a real pleasure to play with them or just watch them go.

So What Makes a Bethlete?
Bethletes are poker or casino players, pros and amateurs, who take their play seriously and passionately, and really take the time to step up their game and accomplish actual achievements. If you’ve got the mind and heart of an athlete but you’re more of a blackjack over jumping jacks person, than, my friend, you are a bethlete!

A play session of such players includes all the key elements of a good workout:

Aerobic fitness – the bethlete isn’t afraid to get busy and engage in activities that make him lose his breath. Some games are just faster, or demand more alertness. Heads-up poker, for example, is a game where you need to make your decisions quickly, and the free games are great way to see how it feels to be out of breath.

Building muscle – Velocity isn’t everything. You also need strengths and endurance to keep up good play during a long play session. Practicing blackjack card counting or betting systems that require focus and consistency is a good way to pump up your gambling muscle mass.

Balance and stability – how easy is it to throw you off your game when you play poker? Can an aggressive player scare you off or drag you to an all-in duel that you could really do without? The Bethletes keep their cool. They call the shots.

Flexibility – One of the biggest compliments you can pay is ‘all around player’ – these are players who fulfill their whole range, and always keep the others guessing by using surprising moves.

How to Be a Bethlete
Practice, practice, and some then practice some more. You don’t turn pro in a day, but a day’s work makes a better player in the long run. Take the time to pick up strategies and try them out. Oh, and keep sportsmanship in mind, it can’t hurt.

You can break down your playing as you would your exercise routine: start with a warm up (free or micro games) finish with a cool down (slots are famous for their relaxing qualities), and for nutritional supplements check out casino cocktails and drinks…

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