Casino Card Games are Good for Your Brain

There are plenty of ways you can exercise your brain : take a test, read the encyclopedia, or even do some math exercises. The only problem with these methods is that they are plain old boring.. But it doesn’t mean that there is nothing out there that can help you maintain a healthy mind without being able to enjoy yourself. Recent studies have found that there is indeed an enjoyable way to keep your mind young and healthy – casino card games! Not only are they significantly cheap, but you do not even have to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy them.

The two key elements to card and other mind-bending games are memory and skill. The moment that at least one of these is involved, your brain will be getting busy. Card and board games are widely considered to be food for the brain, as they keep your mind alert and involve making skill or memory based decisions at all times.

Ever taken a lesson of Bridge? You’ll probably end up leaving much more confused than when you started, and this is a good thing because it means you will have done a mental workout! You may have noticed that most Bridge players do not even reach advanced levels until they have trained for several years on end. Just like going to the gym to tone your body, Bridge is like hopping on a mental treadmill for 10 years straight!

Another card game taking minds by storm is Poker. Like Bridge, Poker is not a game for the fainthearted. It requires making many mathematical and strategic decisions, as well as activating your memory to the fullest. Yet disguised effectively by the thrill of the game and the desire to win the pot, most people wouldn’t even know what a workout their mind was getting! The same goes for similar games such as Blackjack and Craps.

Word games are another kind of mental nourishment you could try. They focus primarily on one’s ability to process information quickly, and are designed to train and improve your mind’s processing speed and word building abilities. Word games also utilize cognitive processes such as the perception of language, remembering language structures and sensory information.

All computer games that require some form of navigation are another essential brain vitamin. They help to control not only your cognitive control but also your reaction times by suppressing your instant reflexes and challenging you to focus on a greater goal. With tasks such as driving and navigating incorporated in an enjoyable way, you’ll also get to improve your visual attention greatly.

The best part of all is that with today’s internet, you can play all these games for free. So why let your mind drift in front of the TV when you can learn to count cards and hit the blackjack table. Instead of paying for cables, get paid yourself.

Give your brain a workout with some fun and nifty card and brain games, and your brain will be so in shape that it could model.

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