Casino Game Characters

Like our cars or our computers, we spend so much time playing our favorite casino games that sometime we could swear that the game has a life of its own. A game is nothing more than a mixture of abstract rules and concrete objects, but this mix is really capable of stirring our emotions and giving us pleasure. If casino games were people, what kind of people would each game be?

Blackjack games will most definitely be top notch accountants with an endless capacity and patients for numbers that let them beat the system time and again. And the Craps tables would make the loudest party people you ever met, warm and outgoing, the type of people who never get lonely thanks to their gift of making friends within seconds. Keeping in mind that the game of craps is known for its unique jargon, this crowd will be the wittiest you’ll find.

And what about Roulette? Well, the game that makes your head spin with elegance, suspense and thrill, where you can play it safe with 1:1 bets and on the next minute go for 35:1 would be no other than a femme fatale – alluring, seductive, and exciting.

Slot , with their repetitive rhythm and endless cycles that increase the activity of the soothing alpha wave (the waves created in our brain at time of idle relaxation, like when doing yoga), is the 21st century new-age person who looks for peace of mind and trusts all on luck, clad with the most multicolored wardrobe you can think of.

Now, you might think that the Video Poker type would be pretty similar to the slots folks, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Just take a look at the conservative look of your classic video poker machines along with the decision making strategies that change from game to game and you know you have a business with lone wolves who like their beer cold and their graphics plain.

When it comes to the Baccarat tribe we have an interesting case of split population, we’re talking sweet old ladies with aristocratic pretensions accompanied by dashing secret agents with very particulars demands regarding their martini. After all, in the original Casino Royale novel Bond wasn’t playing Texas Holdem, he was saving the free world by betting on banco.

You know those people who put on the big spender show but cringe when it actually comes to paying? Ride on Poker is just the type, laying out three bets on the table just to take two back. It’s the kind of people who volunteer to sit near the plain’s emergency exists, just to play it safe even when taking a risk.

And we can go on and on… War with the fast duel going on would be all confrontational and in your face, while Pai Gow with its House Way function would be the perfect diplomat who always sees things from both sides. 3 Cards Poker with its 2 separate games, fast pace, and progressive jackpot would be the working moms that turned multi-tasking into an art form, and Caribbean Poker, would be fresh-out-of-college youngsters honing their skill and ready to step up to multiplayer poker games.

Every casino game has something special about it, something about the rhythm, rules, risk factor or aesthetics that makes a player choose it over another. If you’ve ever wondered why you like this or that game in particular, or why one game goes best with a certain mood, well maybe now you know the answer – we pick our games like we pick our friends: because they bring to our lives something that’s missing, and then also because they remind us of ourselves.

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