Casino Game Control Options Explained

As you may fancy playing one of more online casino games that you may never have played before, we have compiled a series of articles that are going to help you understand all of the many unique game play control buttons and betting and playing decisions that you can make when playing a large number of casino games online.

Each casino game you are going to come across will have some fairly standard and some more unique type of game play options which for a new player may be a little confusing. With this in mind below you will find an overview of some of the most played casino games and several of the more exotic casino games which you may be interested in playing.

However, if you have been put off playing any of the following games as you are not 100% sure how to operate them please do follow the respective links below as we will guide you through every single playing and betting decisions you can make when playing each of those games and will give you an understanding of just how each game play control button and playing and betting decision works.

Slot Machine Game Play Control Buttons – You are probably under the impression that when playing slot games the only game play button you should be aware of is the Spin button, for when clicking on that button you will send the reels spinning, and once those reels have come to a complete stop you will soon discover whether you are in the money or have lost.

However, with there being so many different types of slot games and slot machines available online you will now find there are often many more game play buttons on the slot game control panel than just the spin button, and as such in our ever growing number of casino game playing guides we would like to introduce you to our slot machine game play control buttons guide.

This guide is going to give you a complete run through of each type of game play control button you are going to find attached to every single type of online slot game, so if you have been thinking of playing some slightly differently structured slot game online but have been put off playing them as you are not completely sure of how those games are controlled or how they play out then checkout that guide.

Never forget that by making the wise decision of playing slot game online you are going to find that the long term expected payout percentages attached to a large number of online slot games are going to be way higher than those found in place on slots available to play at your local land based casino, and that does of course mean you will experience more winning spins when playing online slots than you ever will when playing them in your local or not so local land based casino.

Blackjack Betting and Playing Options – The main and obvious attraction of the casino card game of Blackjack is that when playing it perfectly and optimally you are going to find most variants offer a tiny house edge, and being something of a game of skill and chance the more you play Blackjack games online the more experienced a player you will become and you will experience quite a number of winning sessions.

Our Blackjack betting and playing options guide will guide you through all of the different playing and betting decisions that will be offered to you when playing any type of Blackjack game online, and we invite you to read it through if you are interested in playing a very low house edge range of card games.

Controlling Video Poker Games Online – You should always be prepared to play some online casino games that you may never have come across or played before, for by opening up your choice of casino games rather than you sticking to playing the same types of games over and over you will often come across several casino game that give you more winning opportunities than the games you usually play.

Take for example the video poker game variants that are available online, the long term expected payout percentages attached to these types of casino card games are way higher than for example the slot games you can readily play, and as such for a much better and much increased chance of winning you should always give some of the video poker game offered by the casino site you are playing at some play time.

Take a look over our guide to controlling video poker games online, for that guide will give you a complete overview of how to play video poker games online and will enable you to get your head around all of the game playing and betting options offered, and remember by playing video poker games online you will find the vast majority of them have payout percentages in excess of 99% which is way higher than the payout percentages attached to slot machines and slot games.

Online Roulette Game Play Control Options – You will find playing Roulette games online is very easy to do once of course you have mastered the way of placing your chips onto the betting layout and have an idea of just what you stand to win when you are placing any of the many different bets and wagers onto the Roulette table.

We have put together a playing guide that is going to allow anyone who is new to playing Roulette online to get a much better understanding of what every single game play button and betting opportunity does and how they work and operate, so if you do fancy playing any of the numerous different online Roulette game variants but are a new or novice player then spend some time taking a look through that guide as once you do you will soon be able to play Roulette games online with complete confidence.

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