Are Casino Games from Microgaming Fair and Random?

microgamingYou should never get complacent or take anything you come across online at face value as it is often the case that many things you can do and will see online will not always be true reflection of real world events! Take for example playing casino games online, when you play any casino game in a land based venue you will rarely if ever have any doubts that you are getting a fair and random game, due to each land based venue being fully licensed and regulated.

However, when you play at an online casino you do have to make sure beyond any reasonable doubt that you are always going to be getting access to completely fair and random games, more so if you are playing those casino games for real money.

All of the major online casino game designers, software and gaming platform suppliers and online casino operators and owners will often go to great lengths to ensure all of the games they have available are completely above board and fair, and when you are playing at a Microgaming powered site there are lots of additional ways that the operators of these sites and Microgaming themselves have gone too to ensure you can play their games with peace of mind and be completely confident everything is as it should be.

Keep on reading for we are going to enlighten you on how you are going to be guaranteed of fair and random games when playing at any Microgaming Casinos which there are certainly no shortages of online, as Microgaming offer one of the most player friendly gaming platforms available offering players every possible type of casino game they can think of.

ECOGRA Auditing – There is an organisation that goes by the name of eCOGRA that has been set up to allow casino owners and operators to have a wide range of services at their disposal which players of those casinos are also going to benefit from too. They first and foremost have a strict code of conduct in regards to fairness and integrity and as such any casino that joins eCOGRA is expected to adhere at all times to that code of conduct.

Players playing at any eCOGRA Approved online casino also have a direct channel on which they can seek assistance from if they are experiencing any problems at a member site. Any player who submits a complaint to eCOGRA will have that complaint investigated in an unbiased way and any outcome or ruling will be legally binding by the casino, and as such if eCOGRA say a casino is in the wrong and a player needs paying any voided winnings the casino must pay.

However, there is one service which you may be interested in if it is simply peace of mind in regards to game fairness that you are seeking, and this is the monthly audit that eCOGRA carry out on all casinos signed up to their service.

The gaming logs of all real money gaming action played at each member casino are fully audited and reviewed by eCOGRA each month and a full and detailed payout percentage certificate is produced. This certificate is displayed on the casinos’ websites and shows just how much each casino game grouping has returned to players as winnings based on the stakes wagered on those games along with an overall payout percentage for each respective casino.

Play Check Facility – There is another way that you are able to clearly see just how well or bad you have been doing when playing at any Microgaming powered casino site and this is by making use of the often overlooked Play Check Facility.

This is a way for players to be able to self audit all of their own gaming action played at any Microgaming powered casino. By accessing the Play Check feature you will get a detailed blow by blow account of every single game you played which will show you the way any slot games reels spun in, any bonus games awarded and on card and table games the result of every hand of cards dealt out or roll of the dice or spin of the Roulette wheel is displayed.

By using Play Check you can work out each individual or multiple gaming sessions RTP’s or work out the house edges you achieved on one or more gaming sessions.

Live Dealer Games – As you will also come across several Microgaming Casinos that offer Live Dealer Games you will have the peace of mind of knowing those games are based in actual licensed and regulated land based gaming venues. Plus with live video streams broadcast from each site and detailed gaming logs available to players you will never be left in any doubt that you have received anything less than a fair and true game no matter which Live Dealer Games you have chosen to play.

Licensing Authorities – The landscape of online gaming has changed from all recognition from the early days of online gaming, and now more and more Governments have dictated that any online casinos offering their services to their citizens and residents must obtain a gaming license from their respective gambling commissions.

As part of applying for and being granted a gaming license in many countries the owners and operators of those sites need to be vetted as part of that licensing procedure which will include detailed checks on the finances and management structure of each company along with personal checks of the directors and owners of each casino.

Plus each site that is granted a gambling license will have to prove their games are completely fair, and as such you should only ever choose to play at casinos that are licensed in whatever country you live in or are licensed by a Recognised Gaming Commission.

Published RTP’s –You will find that more and more online casinos are obliged to display on their website the actual RTP’s that each of their casino games have been designed to pay out to players over the long term. This is often a legal requirement of the licensing authority at which a casino has been licensed, and will enable you to see just how much of players stakes are expected to be returned as winning payouts over the long term on each listed casino game.

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