Live Dealer Casino Hold’em

The Live Dealer Casino Hold ‘Em game is an interesting variant of the more community based poker game of Texas Hold ‘Em, however the main difference when playing it at a live casino site is that you will be playing against the house as opposed to playing against other players.

You will of course be sat around a table with players from all over the world, but each hand dealt out to each player will be playing against the hand dealt out to the house by the Live Dealer.

If you are playing this casino poker game variant at a Playtech powered casino site then there are a few things that you need to be aware of, the first is that it is a single deck game, and as such just one deck of playing cards will be used on each game played, and at the end of the game the deck is replaced with a freshly shuffled deck to ensure complete fairness and transparency.

You will see a real life casino employee sat next to the Casino Hold ‘Em table and their job is to fully shuffle each deck of cards and then pass it to the Dealer once the previous deck of cards has been used, put into play and then removed from the table.

Playing Live Dealer Casino Hold ‘Em Online

The aim of the casino of Casino Hold ‘Em is straight forward to understand in as much as you are going to first need to place what is known as an Ante Bet onto the table to enable you to table part in the next game played.

Once all players have placed this Ante Bet then each player is dealt out two cards from the deck, these will be dealt to you face up so you can see what they are! The Dealers two cards and dealt face down and will not be revealed until all players have made their playing and betting moves.

Three additional cards at this point in the game will also be dealt out and these are known as the Community Cards and as such will be dealt face upwards into the middle of the table. For reference these three cards are known as the Flop.

You are hoping to end your game with a ranked poker game that is of a higher value than the Dealers hand, and you are allowed to use any combination of the Community Cards and/or your two initial cards to help you make and form your final five card hand.

Once all players have received their two initial cards, and the Dealer has dealt the two face-down cards and the three initial Community Cards have been dealt out, each player in turn must then make a decision on whether to continue playing their hand or fold their hand.

Should you decide your hand is not going to be a highly ranked hand then by folding your hand at this point in the game you will lose your initial Ante Bet, your cards will be removed from the game and you then have to wait for that game to play out with the remaining players before you can take part in the next game.

Be aware you are up against a timer when it is your turn to make your Fold or Call bet and as such if you do not make your decision within the allotted time frame then your hand is going to automatically be folded.

However, should you like the look of your hand then you will be able to Call your bet, if you do Call your bet then once you click on the Call button a wager which is worth two times your initial Ante Bet is placed onto the table automatically for you.

Once all of your fellow players along with yourself have made your Fold or Call betting decision then two additional cards are dealt out by the Dealer to the Community Cards in the middle of the table, the Dealer will then also reveal his or her two face down cards and the system will then reveal to you the best hand you, your fellow players and the Dealer have made.

Should you have managed to form a higher ranked poker hand that the Dealer then you are paid out according to the payout schedule listed below, if you have not formed a higher ranked hand than the Dealer then you have lost both your Ante and Call bets.

AA Side Bet Option

The Playtech Live Dealer Casino Hold ‘Em game also gives you the option of placing what is known as an AA Side Bet, this wager needs to be placed at the same time as your initial Ante Bet, and it is simply a bet on which you are hoping to be dealt a hand ranked as a Pair of Aces or higher to receive a winning payout. The cards used to determine whether the AA Side Bet is a winning one are the first two initial cards dealt to you and the three Community Cards.

Be aware this AA Side Bet will only be deemed to be a winning one if you have obviously placed this option side bet wager and you have chosen to Call that hand, if you Fold your hand both the AA Side Bet wager and your Ante Bet will be lost.

Casino Hold ‘Em Payouts

Once the Dealers hand has been revealed and if the Dealers “Qualifies” which means his or her hand contains a Pair of Fours or any higher ranked hand then as long as your hand beats the hand the Dealer holds then you will receive a winning payout.

Should the Dealers hand not Qualify then you will receive you Call Bet back as a Push and your Ante Bet is paid out according to the ranking of that hand. If the Dealer does qualify your Call Bet is paid out at odds of even money.

The Ante Bet payouts are as follows: A Royal Flush hand will pay 100 to 1, a Straight Flush hand will pay 20 to 1, a 4 of a Kind hand will pay 10 to 1, a Full House hand will pay 3 to 1, a Flush hand will pay 2 to 1 and a Straight or lower hand will pay 1 to 1.

The AA Side Bet when paced and successful will return the following payouts based on the amount of money you wagered on that side bet option: A Royal Flush hand will pay 100 to 1, a Straight flush hand will pay 50 to 1, a 4 of a kind hand will pay 40 to 1, a Full house hand will pay 30 to 1, a Flush hand will pay 20 to 1 and a Straight or lower hand will pay 7 to 1.

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