Casino Terminology

Here you’ll find a casino dictionary/glossary full of casino slang, jargon and lingo.

Whether you’re a beginner player or an advanced player, our Casino Dictionary will teach you something new. Our goal is to help educate you on all aspects of casino play. One simple way to help you learn about playing online or at a brick-and-mortar casino, is to share our extensive knowledge of casino terminology with you. We invite you to read on and learn more about casino language, so you can really talk the talk your next visit to the casino!

Commonly Used Online Casino Terms & Acronyms

Advantage Player
Players who look for ways to make money from casinos. Advantage casino players favor mathematical strategy instead of playing for fun like recreational players.

A person or business entity that earns a commission from the casinos they promote. Casino affiliates are often players who enjoy helping other players by sharing reviews of online casinos and different games.

B&M Casino
Short for brick-and-mortar casino. Also may be referred to as land-based casino.

Bonus Abusers
Also know as bonus whore or bonus hunter. Players who play at online casinos with the intention of clearing the bonus money and cashing out.

Casino Bonus
Instead of comps and free play, online casinos offer bonuses. These include deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and reload bonuses.

Term used to describe completing the bonus requirements. 

Deposit Bonus
Bonus money offered as a percentage of a player’s first deposit. Ex. For a 100% up to $500 bonus – if a player deposits $50 they will receive an additional $50 free to gamble with.

Someone who uses different names and information to open multiple online casino accounts. This person may create fake ids or simply get the permission of someone else to use their info. Gnomes were prevalent between 2002-2006 when casino bonuses were much easier to clear.

NDB – No Deposit Bonus
A type of bonus where a player receives free money to gamble with. Usually, any winnings from no deposit bonuses can be cashed out provided the wagering requirements are met. Sometimes the amount that can be cashed out is capped.

Recreational Player
Someone who enjoys playing casino games for fun and is not worried too much about odds or strategy, unlike advantage players.

RNG – Random Number Generator
The technology that powers online casinos. Whenever the “play” or “deal” button is pushed, a random number is generated via a pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) – these numbers determine the outcome of the game.

RTP – Return to Player
Same as payback percentage. The theoretical amount that a player can expect to receive over the long term (1,000,000 slot machine spins for example). RTPs for online casinos are on average between 92% – 95%.

Someone who praises an online casino on a forum or review site, but actually works for them or is a player who has been compensated to do so.

T&Cs – Terms & Conditions
The rules of the casino or a particular promotion (like a deposit bonus). Includes things like, which games you can play with bonus money, the amount you can cash out per week, and which countries are allowed to play. It’s important to always read and understand the casino’s terms and conditions before depositing real money.

WR – Wagering Requirement
Whenever a player accepts a bonus; this is the total amount that must be wagered before they can request a cashout.

Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.
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  • 1000 $
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    200 $
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