Casino War – The Ultimate Heads-Up Game

One aspect to you choosing to play some online casino card games that could actually put you off playing them is that there may be a large number of game player rules attached to some games that will require a lot of player input as the games are playing out.

In fact when you choose to play games such as Blackjack then you need to learn how to play off every single hand dealt out to you optimally to get the house edge attached to each variant you play as low as possible, and that can take a lot of time mastering how to play those card games perfectly.

However, if you are looking to play some casino card games which are an absolute breeze to play and require very little effort and the minimal amount of player input as the games are in full flow, then you may be very interested in learning what the Casino War game has to offer you.

Casino War is one of the easiest card games to learn to play for when playing it there is only two possible initial wagers that you can choose to place a bet on, and it is a simple heads up game where the hand which has been dealt out just one single card with the highest value is deemed to be the winning one.

With that in mind if this sounds like a card game you may be willing to play then below is a complete overview of how to play it, so please read on for it may be the ideal introduction to the world of playing real money casino card games online.

How Casino War is Structured

You will of course need to fully understand just how any casino card game has been designed and structured before you start playing it, an below is a complete overview of how Casino War is designed and how you can play it.

Should you be interested in playing Casino War online, but would first prefer to test the waters by playing it in a no risk playing environment, then every single one of our featured online casinos are going to allow you to play if for free, and by doing so you will soon discover whether it is truly a casino game you will enjoy playing for real money.

The following information is for the Casino War game which you will find on offer at Microgaming Casino sites, we have opted to use their version of the game as it boasts a very low house edge and players are always given a very wide range of staking options, and as such it is a highly attractive game for both low or high rolling players.

Decks in Play – There are a full 6 decks of playing cards in play in the shoe of the Casino War game at all times. Before any new game is put into live play the software is going to fully shuffle those cards before they are then dealt out to players and the dealer.

Card Values – Each playing card in the six decks of cards in play on the game of Casino War have their own face values, be aware though that the picture cards are ranked in order and as such a Jack is a lower valued card than a Queen and a Queen is lower valued card than a King. The Aces are all classed as high cards and as such they are the highest valued cards in play in the deck and cannot be beaten in value by any other card only matched by another Ace.

Highest Card Wins – As soon as you have placed your Ante bet and have clicked on the Deal button then you will receive one card and the Dealer will also be dealt out one card, both cards are dealt face up and if your card is a higher valued one than the dealer you will win the game.

Tied Hand Bet – At the same time as you place your Ante bet you will be given the option of placing an additional bonus type bet which is the Tie Bet. By placing that bet if both your initial card and the Dealers initial card share the same value then that bet will receive a winning payout worth 10 to 1 of the amount you wagered on it.

Tie Hand Playing Rule – If you have placed your Ante bet and both your hand and that of the Dealer both have the same valued card then you will be faced with one of two different playing decisions. You can opt to surrender your hand and in which case you will get returned to you half of your initial Ante bet wager.

However, if you would prefer to play on and go to war with the Dealer as it is known you then are obliged to click on the Raise button and by doing so another wager which is equal to the Ante bet then needs to be placed onto the betting layout.

Another card will then be dealt out to both the Player and the Dealers hand when you have chosen to place a Raise bet and the highest valued card will then be deemed to be the winning one. However, should the second card dealt out to both the Dealer and the Player be the same value then a bonus 2 to 1 winning payout will be awarded to you as an Ante Bonus payout.

Where to Play – We have several different Microgaming software powered online casino sets where you are going to be able to play Casino War for free or for real money.

One site that does have both a classical version of this game on offer which can be accessed as a free play game or can be played for a range of different real money stake amount is the Royal Vegas Casino site, take a look out our review of this top rated casino for details of our exclusive new player welcome bonus.

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