’s Youtube Channel Has Been Suspended

If you’ve been looking through our online slot machine reviews over the weekend you might have noticed that the videos that are embedded into each and every review are no longer working. This is because our Youtube channel has been suspended after getting three strikes for breaching the community guidelines. The odd thing is that we have had this channel for over a year without getting any infraction warnings at all and now all of a sudden we got three really old videos reported within a 24 hours period. I think it’s pretty sage to assume that someone had it in for us and wanted to take our Youtube channel down, and they succeeded.

Personally I don’t see how we have breached any guidelines. The reason we have been uploading videos of all the games that we review is that we felt this was a good way to complement the written reviews with some actual video footage of the game play.

We’ve easily put over 1000 hours of work into creating and uploading these videos so it’s pretty upsetting to see them all go over some user falsely flagging them as spam.

First Warning

On the 21st of November we got the first warning for a video titled “Highest Bonus Round Win on SafeCracker Online Slot“. Since the video was taken down due to being flagged as spam I can no longer link to the actual video but while doing some research I found that this video had actually been copied twice by other Youtube users and uploaded as their own on their respective channels. You can see those videos here and here.

So my supposedly spammy video was good enough to be copied an re-uploaded on two other accounts using the exact same title as I used. How those two videos are still live while my original video was taken down for spam is beyond my understanding.

So what was the problem with this video? I honestly can’t tell you because I don’t see it myself. The title is not misleading as this was the highest possible amount that could be won during this bonus round and the video itself isn’t what I would consider to be spam.

I have taken a screen shot of the email I got from Youtube regarding this video and attached it below (click the image to enlarge).


Second Warning

The Second warning arrived in our inbox on the 22nd of November and this time it was an video titled “Greedy Goblins – 3D Online Slot – Betsoft” that had to bite the dust after being flagged by what I suspect to be the same user (using the same or a different account).

As far as I can see this video has not been copied like the first one so there is no way I can show you what it looked like but basically it was just showing the game play of this particular slot.

Just like with the first video I don’t see how this one broke any guidelines. The video was showing exactly what the title said with the small exception of it not being an actual 3D slot that requires special glasses to view it. But in the online gaming world these types of slots actually go by the name of 3D slots due to their interactive graphics. The tagline on Betsoft’s own website is “Leader in 3D slots gaming” so I don’t feel it’s very misleading to title a video of what it’s generally regarded as.

A screenshot of the second warning email is also attached below.


Third and Last Warning

The final email we got about a flagged video was received just 3 hours after the second one, which is the main reason I believe this is the work of a single person that for some reason wanted to see our channel taken down.

This time it was a video titled “Enchanted – 3D Online Slot – Betsoft” that had been flagged. So basically it’s the same type of video as in the second warning.

Since this was my third strike the Youtube channel that we have spent over a year to build was instantly suspended and all the videos that we have uploaded are no longer available.

You will be able to view a screenshot of the third and final email below.


The Appeal

Since we honestly feel that our videos do not break any of the community guidelines and this is the work of one sole individual who wanted to take our channel down we decided to appeal the channel suspension immediately in order to try and get the channel back up and running as soon as possible. Most of the slot machine reviews on this site have a video of the game embedded within the page so it looks mighty silly when all those reviews have a video saying “This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated“. As an example you can see our review of the Dead or Alive slot from NetEnt where we had a video showing how the free spins round works and another video showing how the base game works embedded.

After filling out the appeal form where we explained in detail what had happened and why we think it’s a mistake we got a reply within the hour.

Good News Guys, Not Really Though

At the beginning of the response we got it read “However, we’re happy to say that we’ve got good news for you!” For a moment there I felt a huge relief. The appeal system works, our channel is probably up and running again already I foolishly thought to myself.

But as I kept on reading the email in it’s entirety it became clear to me that this was a response for something completely different. Apparently my appeal to have our channel reinstated had been mistaken for a password issue request. I’m guessing no one actually read the appeal and this is just an automated system where something had gone wrong.

In the screenshot below you can see the response to our appeal, not really what we were hoping for.


Where We are at Now

Since the Youtube channel remains suspended we have replied to the email about the password reset and explained that this was really about a channel suspension appeal, not about being unable to access our other Google products. We have yet to receive a reply to this email, which is normal considering it’s the weekend, but the part that worries us the most is that we don’t really know if email is a channel of communication that can be used in this instance or if we would need to submit a new appeal.

We are going to give it until Friday the 28th of November to see if we get a reply to our email or appeal otherwise we will have to submit a new one.

Is it Really This Easy to Lose Your Youtube Channel?

Well, since it just happened to us it’s pretty clear that it’s very easy for an ill intended person to start flagging videos and as a result getting a channel taken offline. It’s pretty scary that it doesn’t take more than this to erase something that took such a long time to build.

Since the channel was taken offline we have done some research on this topic and found that on many occasions this has happened to other people too and after reading their stories it doesn’t give us much hope of ever seeing our videos going online again.

We might be biased at the moment but we feel that there is plenty of room for improvement in the current flagging system. Our channel had been online for over a year and had close to 1300 videos and at no point had we got any videos flagged for any type of spam or scam before this happened on the 21st of November when we suddenly had three videos receiving flags which resulted in three strikes and an instant termination of the channel. We’re guessing that the amount of videos flagged within this time frame was probably a lot greater than the three that actually got flags since it’s obvious at this point that someone had it in for us.

We will continue to update this post as soon as we get a response to our appeal so make sure to check back if you are curious about the fate of our Youtube channel.


About 30 minutes after I published this article I saw this post at the CasinoMeister forum where the user dunover wrote that Youtube have changed their stance on gambling related videos and they have started to shut them down.

I really wish that Google/Youtube would have been upfront with this and given us a chance to back up all our videos so that we would have had a chance to publish them somewhere else. Going the route of silently changing the terms and faking infractions on the accounts to have them suspended is pretty low in my opinion. I guess we have learned our lesson after this and we will be looking into options where we could host videos ourselves.

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