Celebs Who Love Gambling


There must be reason why Hollywood is located so close to Vegas. It is only 277 miles apart and an hours flight with a private jet which means that celebs have easy access to all the wonders that Sin City has to offer. It comes as no surprise that the biggest names in the entertainment industry are drawn to the biggest names on the strip so let’s have a look at celebrities that love to gamble.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck took down the house at the Hard Rock in Vegas thanks to his ability to count cards. And, you know what happens if you are too good at the game. Affleck was tapped on the shoulder by a security card and asked to leave. This occasion surely annoyed the casino employees because on a different occasion he managed to rake in $145000 on one lucky night but gave it all away to the dealers, pit bosses and cocktail waitresses.

Tiger Woods

He is famous for being a golf pro and infamous for being a cheater. And, the wealthy sport star not only has a love for beautiful ladies, he has a massive love for gambling too. Rumours have it that he can bet as much as $25 000 in one hand when he is out on a night and prefers blackjack. Well, $25 000 doesn’t seem a lot considering a $1 million win on one such lucky night.

Pamela Anderson

The Baywatch star loves a good game of poker and when she loses, it apparently ends up in marriage. Rumours have it that her marriage to Rick Solomon was the result of a $250 000 bet she lost against him.

50 Cent

His name might represent a low coin value but his bets are generally quite extreme. The rapper who prefers sports betting bet $500 000 in 2012 on a championship between the New York Giants and San Francisco.

Matt Damon

After Matt Damon spent $25 000 to prepare him for the role in the Rounder’s movie he obviously gained a whole lot of skill. And, what better way to show it off than at the tables in Vegas.

Tobey Maguire

Toby Maguire was once sued for taking part in an illegal gambling ring and is well known for being a bad loser but a great player. The Spiderman actor prefers the strategic game of poker and has raked in impressive wins over the years.

Charlie Sheen

This list would not be complete without Charlie Sheen. During his divorce with Denise Richards it came out that he spent $200 000 a week playing game of chance and while the couple was on their way to hospital for the birth of their child, Sheen called his bookie to bet on a major sporting event.

While Sheen’s gambling might not be very profitable, his brother (Emilio Estevez) on the other hand made the most out of his gambling career. He serves as the big player for the blackjack team run by Rob Reitzen whom is one of the most successful gamblers of all time.

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